Tips for the Perfect Family Holiday in France

Tips for the Perfect Family Holiday in France

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France is a land filled with some of the most majestic sights, from the magnificent Alps and Pyrenees mountains to the stunning beaches of the Cote d’Azur and Brittany. Parents who are interested may find something for their children to enjoy in practically every destination across France. Here are a few of the greatest family-friendly activities to enjoy while in France. 

Take a Tour Around Paris

The ideal locations to visit throughout France with your family must begin with Paris, the beautiful country’s capital and one of the top destinations in France for families to catch a glimpse of what life is like in this famous European city. The Eiffel Tower and the Louvre are two must-see attractions in Paris that are guaranteed to capture the attention of everyone with you. The city also includes beautiful gardens that are perfect for both youngsters and older children. Youngster kids will enjoy the Luxembourg Gardens, while teens would prefer Boi de Boulogne, where they can hire bicycles for the day and do some safe cycling through pristine natural settings. People of all ages are also very drawn to the city’s wonderful French food and shopping options, making it the ideal family vacation spot. 

Skiing in France

It’s understandable why France has become such a favourite ski destination for British tourists. France ski holidays are ideal for all levels of skiers due to the variety of classic and purpose-built ski resorts, vast ski slopes, and countless lodging choices available. For those who have never learned to ski before, schools start teaching youngsters how to ski at age four, and some resorts feature snow gardens for kids as young as three to play in. Smaller, less renowned ski resorts are more convenient for families with young children under 10 years old and often provide greater value than the larger, busier ski resorts. If you are looking for somewhere to ski in France, Skiline has one of the most comprehensive guides for some of the most majestic resorts to choose from.

Explore the Wilderness and Find Wildlife

There are many venues in France where families who enjoy animals may keep a lookout for creatures of all shapes and sizes. In the French Alps, you can get up close and personal with antelope and cute, adorable marmots. In Parc Polaire, Jura, you can spot scurrying chamois, horned elk, and enormous yaks. There are several excellent sites for bird viewing as well. Visit the Réserve Ornithologique du Teich to see birds and kingfishers and take a look at the Parc des Oiseaux to find hundreds of native and exotic bird species. You might even see vultures flying freely through mountainous terrain during your drives through the wilderness. Be ready to travel because Montpellier’s Zoo, which is open to the public and is free to visit, is designed like a wildlife reserve and bound to fill many hours with animal sightings. 

Visit Museums

If cultural enrichment is on the cards for you and your family, consider taking a tour through one of France’s many famous museums. Children’s art classes are offered at several French museums, mainly on weekends and Wednesdays. Another idea is to give your tech-obsessed kid an audio guide and let them visit an exhibit to keep them busy for a few hours. Older kids can check out any apps that a museum or landmark may offer for mobile devices and tablets to enjoy a guided, in-depth, and interactive experience. 

If outer space is an interest to you, the amazing Cité de l’Espace space museum in Toulouse lets visitors explore the recesses of the cosmos and learn how it feels to be an astronaut. If either you or your kids are interested in exploring subterranean Paris, visit Les Catacombes to view the hundreds of skulls collected and on display. 

Go Castle Exploring

The Loire Valley is a beautiful region of France and is a great spot to visit with children because of the numerous castles there that appear to have sprung straight out of a storybook. The best way to see this region is by car, and the most magnificent sights ought to be seen by changing locations every few nights or so. Some castles, like the one in Blois, are located somewhere inside smaller villages and are great for a day of sightseeing, whereas others are ringed by vast estates and could take days to explore. For families looking to stay in a real castle, Chenonceau is built like a bridge over the river and any stay there is sure to be the highlight of an unforgettable vacation.

There are too many options to possibly list all the things to do in France, but perhaps this has provided you with a better understanding of a land that has something for people of all ages. Now that you have an idea of what awaits you in France, hopefully, you can arrange your dream family vacation to France and make some truly special memories with the most important people in your life.

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