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Toddler Friendly Holidays In France

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It’s no secret that I love holidays. Anyone that knows me could tell you how much I love going away and not having a holiday in 2016 was horrible! For the longest time I have had it in my head that I want to go on holiday to France. I don’t actually really know why either. I have this idea of what a family holiday in France would be like. Whether or not that is how it would be though, is another story altogether.

I’m terrible really because I’m always looking at holidays, even if we’re not ready to book our next one. Just recently I have been looking more and more into going to France. Having a child makes our holidays very different now compared to how they used to be. We have to do a lot more planning and a lot more thinking about the perfect location. John and I have already been to Paris but I think I’d want somewhere more relaxing for Erin.

Tots to Travel

Just recently I have discovered Tots to Travel, a company who make traveling with children so much easier! I have been having a good look through the locations and holidays available and I am even more desperate to go now.

What makes Tots to Travel different from your average travel agent or booking website is that they have children and families in mind. Various hotels we have stayed in have not been particularly child friendly and it’s always a worry what Erin can get in to or what trouble she can cause. Not only that, but she gets bored being stuck in a hotel room.

Tots to Travel offer so many different locations in France which means they should have an option for everyone. John and I don’t drive so some locations are a bit too remote for us but there is plenty of choice is you need to get the train or the ferry. John and I have said no to certain holidays before because we haven’t been able to figure out the transport. I love how many different places we could go having discovered Tots to Travel.

Not only could we visit so many lovely places but we could do so with complete peace of mind. Stairgates, pool barriers, child friendly table wear and books and toys come as standard, along with a massive list of other things you won’t need to worry about!

The question now is, where in France do we choose first?!

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