Top tips for saving money on family holidays in 2023

Top tips for saving money on family holidays in 2023

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As a travel loving family we try to get away as much as possible. However, the rising cost of living, high energy bills and the food shop costing more and more each week, family holidays might not be your priority. However, there are ways to save money and make it easier so in this post I’m sharing some top tips for saving money on family holidays in 2023.

Be flexible

When it comes to travelling with children, being flexible on dates isn’t always possible due to school terms. However, there are lots of other things you can be flexible on. Research your next trip with an open mind, considering various locations, accommodation types and dining options. A self-catering holiday could be much cheaper than all-inclusive and visiting a smaller city rather than a capital city can save you a lot of money.

Book in advance

Like with a lot of things, the earlier you book, the lower the prices can be for travel. Often, companies can have offers on for booking in advance, such as low prices or a perctentage discount. This is a great idea if you already know where you want to go, or if there’s somewhere you go every year.

Look for return offers

Sometimes, it can work to your advantage to book another holiday while you’re already on one. Some companies, such as Butlins, or Potters Resort in Norfolk, offer a sort of loyalty discount. This can mean being offered a discount if you book a return visit by a certain date or before your holiday ends. This is great if you have a favourite holiday location.

Look for discount codes

The internet is a great source when researching your next travel plans. You can search for money off a whole host of travel from holidays to car parking to airport lounges. Be sure to look up a loveholidays discount code before booking anything, just in case you can save yourself a bit of money.

Wait for sales

Holiday comapnies are great at having sales at certain times of years and it’s a good idea to note these down. Airlines often have New Year sales where you can get great prices compared to later in the year while other travel companies might make the most of Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales.

Travel insurance and flexible options

If there’s one thing I learned from Covid is that plans can change at any minute and that’s especially true if you have children. Although sometimes slightly more expensive, flexible options for bookings might work out better for you. If something happens and you need to rebook, this will allow you to change your booking without losing money or paying much more than you need to. Another sensible thing to do is to have the right travel insurance. You can get annual plans that cover multiple trips, which could be a good idea for a family who has more than one travel plan next year.

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