4 Ways To Revamp Your Living Room This New Year

4 Ways To Revamp Your Living Room This New Year

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After taking down the Christmas decorations I always feel like our living room is too bare and a bit lacking in, well, something. I’m never really sure what but it doesn’t feel right just after Christmas. I always feel like I need to add something a bit more at this time of year so I thought I’d put together a little list of ways to revamp your living room this New Year!


If you’re anything like me you will have taken hundreds of photos last year. Actually, I probably took thousands but most of them end up staying in a folder on my iMac or I only print off a few. We have quite a large living room as it’s combined with our dining room and my office and it’s about 25 ft long. We have quite a lot of blank wall space and it can make the room feel quite empty and cold at times. I have a couple of photos framed on our mantelpiece but I would love to have a big feature wall full of family photos.

A New Sofa

Our sofas don’t actually match at the moment. We have a 3 seater and an arm chair that do match and another 2 seater sofa bed which actually used to be where the dog slept. Everything is a bit battered and a bit old and a new sofa in the living room would make a massive difference. I have always wanted a corner sofa but we also need to think about whether it will work for when we have people over to stay. A leather corner sofa would work really well in our living room, giving us loads of space to sit as family but there are also sofa bed options too! 

A Splash Of Colour

At the moment, our living room is mostly white. We have brown and green accessories and we’re hoping to paint quite soon. Adding some colour to the walls can make a massive difference and really help to change up a room on a small budget. You don’t even have to paint the whole room if you don’t want to, you could add a feature wall if your room would suit it!

Soft Furnishings

I hate winter and I hate the cold. I think it tends to get a lot colder after Christmas and New Year now and some new soft furnishings can be a great addition to your living room. Soft cushions, thick throws are perfect for these colder months and I think they make the room feel a lot cosier and more inviting. If nothing else, they are a great way to add patterns and colour to your room on a budget.

I’m looking forward to trying to spruce up our living room in the next month or two. What ideas do you have for a New Year make over? Let me know in the comments! 

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