Ravel Tales

Unravel Lots Of Surprises With Ravel Tales

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Erin is a huge fan of collectable toys and we’ve recently discovered something really quite different; Ravel Tales.

Ravel Tales 1

Inside each box you will find a brightly coloured ball of yarn, ready and waiting to be unravelled by the person who finds it. Erin was so excited to unravel the ball, and to see what she might find inside. The rainbow coloured yarn is really very long and being only small, Erin found herself getting quite tangled up in it all but she thought it was so much fun.

Ravel Tales 2

Ravel Tales 3

Hiding inside the yarn ball is 1 of 12 collectable creatures, along with loads of fun surprises and things to do. Erin got Picasso, a pink and purple horse! The great thing is, that the yarn doesn’t just get thrown to one side as it can be used later on for one of the activities included.

Ravel Tales 4

Ravel Tales 5

For the activities inside, you can make a bed for your new friend, a collar with name tag, bracelets, pom pom and a bed! Erin was most excited to make the bed, which needs to be sewn together then stuffed with the yarn that everything was wrapped in. I thought it was a great idea that nothing was wasted and the yarn was reused for something else.

Ravel Tales 6

Ravel Tales 7

Ravel Tales are aimed at children aged 5+ and with Erin being just under this age, she did need a fair bit of help from a grown up with the activities. Although Erin tried to do the sewing, it was a little bit too tricky for her but she loved being able to help and to see the end result for the bed. I think one of the problems is that there is a lot of string and yarn and Erin just got a bit tangled up in it all.

Ravel Tales 8

However, although Erin needed some help she really loved having so much to do with and for her new animal. She thought it was important that her ‘pet’ had a collar with it’s name on it and she used the pom pom as a toy.

Ravel Tales 9

There is quite a lot more to this collectable toy for the price compared to some others. The activities can be done either all in one go or spread out over however many days. Then, afterwards there are plenty of ways to be able to play with the animal.

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Unravel Lots Of Surprises With Ravel Tales

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