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Adding To Our Magformers Collection

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It wasn’t all that long ago that Erin discovered Magformers for the first time. She’s such an imaginative child and really loves to put things together so Magformers was an instant hit. Since then we have reviewed Milo’s Mansion, which is a really cute set where you can build a house for a dog. It was really different from the first set we got as it gave Erin something specific to build (although you can build it in different ways) but Erin still wanted to build something bigger.


Magformers 1

Our newest set is the Magformers Basic Set Line* which comes with 26 pieces. There is a mix of 18 squares and 8 triangles and unlike with some sets, these aren’t block colours. Instead, they’re short of shiny  and see through and the colours are really bright. Erin really likes that we have sets that have different coloured pieces.

Magformers 3

This set comes with a great instruction booklet, full of ideas of what to build next. The instructions are not set specific so some need more pieces than you might have or they might need different shapes. It’s fun to go through the designs to see what you can build and some of the ideas are really great! There are things such as UFOs or buildings.

Armed with her new pieces, Erin couldn’t wait to see what she could put together. Sometimes she is happy to try to follow a pattern but sometimes she just likes to create. I think that’s one of the great things about Magformers; you have do so many different things with the pieces and it can create endless hours of fun.

Magformers 4

I have to say, while Erin was busy making her own creations I picked something out of the booklet. Some of the pieces are quite complex but for slightly older children they would be able to follow them no problem, such as the heart you can see above.

Magformers 5

We now have 3 Magformers sets and instead of keeping them in their original boxes we have taken them out to save space. We have a small-ish sized storage box to keep all 3 sets in, trees included, and it all fits really nicely. This way, Erin can easily get the whole lot out in one go and make a Magformers masterpiece!


Adding To Our Magformers Collection

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  1. This is the kind of toy my youngest son would love. He loves building things and using his imagination to create new things.

  2. These look so much fun. Erin sounds like she’s very good at coming up with her own designs – how clever! I think mine would love something like this and it’s always promising to see construction toys that distract from screen-time games. Xx

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