Preparing For Toilet Training

Why You Shouldn’t Stress About Potty Training

Back in March we had our first attempt at potty training. We got all kitted out with the Summer Infant My Size Potty and Erin loved it. We gave Erin time to get used to the new potty and a few weeks after it was delivered we got Erin some knickers and gave it a go. It didn’t turn out too well though and Erin just wasn’t ready at a place where she was ready for potty training. We gave up after a couple of days and decided to wait until the weather was nicer and Erin was slightly older to give it another go.

It’s now July and we had attempt number 2 at the beginning of the month.

I was actually dreading trying again. The first attempt really wasn’t very fun for any of us and I hated seeing Erin getting upset and distressed because we were trying to get her to do something she didn’t want to do. I was not looking forward to the possibility of that happening again.

Potty Training

This time around I took a much more relaxed approach. Luckily, the weather was on our side and Erin was able to run around in a dress which was a lot easier to get up and down. The first day was not fun at all. In fact, we went through so many pairs of knickers that I had to order more for next day delivery. Erin seemed quite happy enough to be trying again but we only had 1 win and about a million accidents.

Instead of stressing about it I went to bed that night and woke up ready to give it another shot with a happy face on.

Erin seemed to wake up the next day too and I don’t know why but everything seemed to click. Since that second day we have had no wee accidents at all. Erin has been able to take her own knickers down and pull them back up, wipe and even empty the potty herself. I am so amazed at how quickly she picked it up and now she pretty much refuses any help.

We were all so much more relaxed after that first day and I think that rubbed off on Erin. There was no pressure to get anything right and we told her it wasn’t a big deal if she didn’t wee in the potty. Last time, I think I would have panicked about taking Erin to the supermarket without a nappy on but I attempted it on day 3 and we haven’t looked back.

We used a potty training book from Penwizard too and that really helped us. The book helped Erin to understand what was happening and she loved using the sticker chart. Erin got so excited when she had done something great and when she could put a sticker on the chart. This might not work for all children but it was certainly worth trying.

Potty Training

Erin is still wearing a nappy for naps and bedtime because she definitely isn’t ready for that yet. We also still haven’t cracked having poos but we’ll get there eventually. I know we’re on the right track so for now, we’ll keep doing what we’re doing.

Being relaxed and not letting the pressure get to us made potty training so much easier. Something I think helped us in general was being prepared. Erin had gotten used to the idea of going on the potty, she already had knickers and she understood what was being asked of her. Accidents do happen and I know we won’t be completely free of that. A bit of mess doesn’t bother me and I think it’s important to make sure your child knows that too.

Getting stressed about potty training isn’t good for you and it’s definitely not good for your child. It’s all a part of growing up and if your child isn’t ready waiting for a few months could be exactly what you all need! 


Why You Shouldn’t Stress About Potty Training

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