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Toy Shopping With Wicked Uncle

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Living in quite a small town we don’t have many options for buying things like toys and activities for Erin. We don’t have a toy shop apart from the section in the local supermarket and looking at certain shops online can be a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. Unless you know what you’re looking for then it’s hard to search for things for inspiration. I certainly don’t always know what I want to buy for Erin and I also don’t know what other children her age might be playing with. We recently tried out a website called Wicked Uncle, who offer gift ideas for all ages including babies and 105 year olds!

Wicked Uncle has loads of different categories that you can choose from and this really helps you to narrow down the audience that you’re looking for.

Wicked Uncle categories

One of the easiest ways to search for children is by age because then you get all products for both boys and girls included in the results. Of course, if your child likes toys particularly aimed at girls then you can narrow the search down that way as well. There are also other options such as categories like ‘Brainiac’, ‘Adventurer’ or ‘Creativity’. I really like that there are quite a few ways to make sure you find the right thing for the person you are buying for.

Wicked Uncle Age 4 search

I was looking for some new things for Erin and seeing as she’s closer to 4 than 3 now, this is the age I searched for. Erin is also really into a very varied range of things so I made sure I searched for everything aged 4 rather than only searching for items for girls. There was a really wide range of products that came up in the search and a lot of different prices as well. You are able to filter your search results by price so I was able to see everything that was in my price range easily.

Pop Up Pirate

Sweet Hearts Wooden Bead Set

Fairy Garden Stamp-a-Scene

The products I chose are what you see above. I was able to find 3 quite different things for Erin for just over £40 and I am really happy with what I chose. Pop Up Pirate is a game I had myself as a child and Erin’s just getting to the age now where she wants to play things like this. Erin has been asking for a new set where she can make her own jewellery for a while now but I find the plastic sets a bit small for her still. The Sweet Hearts Wooden Bead Set from Melissa and Doug has 120 pieces and they’re all quite chunky and colourful so making things will be easier for Erin. Lastly, I chose the Fairy Garden Stamp-a-Scene which is also from Melissa and Doug. Erin can spend hours making pictures and we haven’t done anything like this for quite some time. It’s also something that can be used over and over again if we have replacement ink.

Erin has a couple of birthday parties to attend in the next few weeks for her friends from school and I don’t want to get them something ‘samey’ or boring. Wicked Uncle have some great gifts for 3-year old girls and I know there would be something for each of the girls whose parties Erin is going to. Something else fun as well is ‘The best messages for children’s birthday cards’ if you’re struggling to think of something different to write this time around! 

Did you know Wicked Uncle also has a USA website? Click here to find out more.


Toy Shopping With Wicked Uncle

10 thoughts on “Toy Shopping With Wicked Uncle”

  1. Aww we love Wicked Uncle – the shopping experience is so easy and it’s perfect for getting gift ideas too 🙂

  2. We’ve not bought anything from Wicked Uncle before but they seem to have a great range of toys. Great for birthday and Christmas gifts.

  3. Wicked Uncle is so good for finding inspiration for birthday and christmas presents; we really like using them. Pop up pirate! I haven’t seen that in so long!

  4. These are so cute! My daughter is really into Wicked Uncle but I don’t think she’s bought any of the Pop Up Pirate yet.

  5. My nieces and nephews love Wicked Uncle! I need to get these for them. They would be so really happy to have them.

  6. I haven’t come across Wicked Uncle before however I love the sound of the categories to search for gifts. We are trying to reduce plastic in our house so the wooden gifts would be perfect for us.

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