10 ways you can cut down on your family's outgoings

10 ways you can cut down on your family’s outgoings

2022 has been called ‘Year of the Squeeze’, with people trying to cut back on their outgoings and maybe adding more to their savings. As a family this can be quite difficult as there always seems to be a lot to spend money on. Here are 10 ways you can cut down on your family’s outgoings this year.

Save money on days out

Days out and trips away can cost a small fortune and the cost can soon add up. There are a few ways to save money on days out such as searching for discount codes and tickets. There are usually lots of 2 for 1 vouchers around for places such as Sea Life centers and other Merlin attractions. Do some research into the place you’re planning to go as there might be discounts on family tickets rather than buying individually or savings if you book tickets online.

Grow your own

Grow your own fruit and veg! We have endless supplies of tomatoes, blueberries, courgettes and potatoes and more. We can freeze the summer fruits or make soups to use throughout the year. Planes, trains and buggies

Clever food swaps

You can save money on your food and still eat delicious meals by shopping smarter. Swapping to lesser known or cheaper cuts of meat and cooking them well can save you a lot of money without compromising on taste and quality. Unicorns, dinosaurs and me

Plan your meals

Plan your meals always! It can get a bit boring sometimes but you can save so much money by being organised with the food you buy. Make soup with all the left over veg in the fridge before it goes bad or use less meat and bulk up with veg. Get into the right mindset and try not to throw any food away. Meme and Harri

Shop with a list

Going to the supermarket without a list can be dangerous. You can go in there for 5 things and come out with a trolley full. By going shopping with a list to hand you’re less likely to go off track and only get the things you’ve planned for. Be strict with yourself and don’t get tempted by the offers as you walk around.

Cut down on subscriptions

At one point it felt like we had every subscription service going; Apple TV, Sky, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus! We definitely didn’t need all of these subscriptions so it was worth having a look at which we used the most and made decisions to cut out any we didn’t use as much. For example, the last time I watched something on Apple TV was about a year ago so I’d been paying £4.99 a month for ages for no reason.

Save on renewals

Don’t accept your first renewal price on anything! It’s always worth haggling. Do some research, see if you can get it cheaper elsewhere and let your current provider or insurer know. They will usually price match or at least get very close to it. Things to do in Kent

Shop second hand

While it’s lovely getting brand new things they are a lot more expensive compare to getting something second hand. If your children are still small they will probably grow out of clothes quite quickly so it can be a lot more economical to buy pre-loved clothes. You can get a bargain in a charity shop, eBay or your local Facebook selling site might be a good place to look.

Reduce your electricity use

Energy bills seem to be constantly rising at the minute but there are a few ways that you can reduce your electricity bill. Make sure you’re turning things off at the plugs rather than having them on standby, change your lightbulbs to energy efficient options or hang your washing out rather than putting it in the drier if you have one. You’ll soon get into a habit with these things and save you money each month. Becoming more energy efficient will really help you keep your bills in the best possible place.

Plan free activities

Although there are ways to save money on bigger days out an even better option is to plan some free activities. Find some hidden gems in your local area, go to a play park or a walk along the beach or in the woods. If you’re going to be out over lunch time pack a picnic for everyone or a flask of hot drink if it’s really cold.


10 ways you can cut down on your family's outgoings

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