3 Top Home Dates For After The Kids Have Gone to Bed

3 Top Home Dates For After The Kids Have Gone to Bed

Juggling children, work and the day-to-day demands of life doesn’t leave a lot of time left for us. It can be all too tempting to just dive-bomb onto the sofa, after all the kids are feed, watered, bathed and finally asleep in bed. However sometimes it’s important to go that extra mile and find time in the evenings for ourselves and our spouse. Staying connected to your partner in a world of children’s gym kits, constant food shopping and breakfasts, lunches and dinners, is not always easy and we can very easily lose ourselves in it.

Therefore finding time in the evening to do something special with our partners is really important. If you are lacking a little inspiration about how you can make yourself and your partner feel a little bit special, once the kids are in bed, read on for some really easy ways to make sure that you feel happy, relaxed and connected.

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Feeling sexy is usually the last thing we feel after a crazy days running around after our families. But that doesn’t mean that we should still be making sure that we feel sexy from time to time. Running each other a warm, bubbly bath for each other or offering up a relaxing massage is a wonderful way to indulge your partner in a little light home pampering. It can be tough to turn up the romance when you have a young family, but sometimes just doing a couple of simple, lovely things for each other can have you feeling really connected emotionally and physically. Find out more ideas on how to pamper your partner at workingmothers.com

Dinner Date

Another firm favourite is the post-children’s-bedtime dinner date. Treating your partner to a lovely home cooked dinner, that is not the usual childrens leftover fish fingers and chips, is one of the best ways you can enjoy each other’s company at the end of a long day. Turn down the lights and speckle some soothing ambience lighting around the room with candles and special lamps from a company like Danlamp.com. Go to town with a specially set dinner table, relaxing music and a nice bottle of plonk. We know the sofa is sometimes the only place we want to be when our days work is done, but a weekly, or even monthly, dinner date together is a really important way to stay connected, communicating over a nice dinner and feeling together and happy as a couple.

Bubbles & Movie Time

We know most of you tired mums and dads are reading this and are still dreaming about that soft, inviting sofa. We hear you, it really is the loveliest place to be at the end of a demanding day. However sofa time doesn’t need to mean just lounging in silence in front of the goggle box. Get in a couple of treats that both you and your partner really enjoy and spend the evening relaxing on the sofa together with a pre-arranged movie. Arranging a movie and a bottle of bubbly or your favourite take away beforehand will make relaxing on the sofa feel much more special than simply collapsing into it for a couple of hours before dragging those weary feet off to bed.

Just putting a little thought into the simple and sweet things you and your partner can do to each other, once the kids are in bed, can go a long way in keeping you both feeling relaxed, content and connected.

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