5 Family Friendly Garden Features

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When we moved into our house nearly 5 years ago we had a lot of work to do. The previous owners had left the back garden in a huge mess and while we did some extensive work to get it in a usable condition, there’s still a lot we need to do. We managed to clear the whole garden, have it levelled off and add some decking and turf but it’s still a pretty plain and boring area. We’re now looking to change things up a bit but we also have to take into account that the garden has to be suitable for both us and Erin. Gardens for families don’t have to be complicated and there are lots of fun and simple ways to make your garden child friendly.

Artificial grass

When we had the garden sorted not too long after moving in we didn’t really think about the long term plan. Erin wasn’t born then and we didn’t think practically. At the time, we had a dog and he very quickly destroyed the lawn. We ended up with mud and muck being walked through the house and even now in the winter, we get the same thing.

Erin loves to play outside no matter what the weather is doing but the lawn can get wet, slippery and very muddy if the rain has been really bad. Upgrading to artificial grass is a much better option for families for a few reasons. It’s a much cleaner and safer place for children to play and it also doesn’t take as much time to look after as it never needs cutting!

An outdoor building

There are times when we want to make the most of our garden but the weather stops us. Both me and Erin hate being stuck outside in the rain and get a bit desperate for some fresh air and fun. As we have quite a lot of space in our garden a building detached from the main house could be a great idea for us. A garden pod is a great alternative to extending or a conservatory because it gives you a completely separate space to both the house and garden but still keeping the advantages.

There are so many different ways in which a garden room could be used. For us, an ideal use would be to have it as a part outside office for me mixed with a play room for Erin.  We would be able to have some toys outside for when the weather is nice and maybe an arts and crafts area inside. It would be great to use an indoor room to make things with anything we found out in the garden.

Modern Garden Rooms garden pod
Image courtesy of Modern Garden Rooms

Encouraging wildlife

I grew up not liking any kind of bug or creepy crawly and I’m trying to ensure that Erin at least tolerates anything we might see in the garden. We constantly try to make friends with ladybirds when we see them and we are currently working on anything that flies like bees. There are so many ways to encourage wildlife to visit your garden and a lot of them are really family friendly. On the most basic level a bird feeder would be a start but putting together a bug hotel would be a really fun thing to do together as a family if you can get hold of a few wooden pallets.

Play area

At the moment Erin’s toys are spread out all over the garden. Her playhouse is in one corner, her sandpit is somewhere else and we also have bikes and scooters all over the place. We have space at the end of the garden that we haven’t done anything with yet (although it’s where the shed is for now) and I would love to make this Erin’s play area. Covering the area in something like play bark or decking, from somewhere like birminghamdecking.co.uk would really separate the area from the rest of the garden and make it Erin’s own.

Redwood Lodge Playhouse

Seating/ dining area

Some days we can be out in the garden for hours, especially if the weather is really nice. Erin loves being outside with her garden toys but we often needs breaks for drinks, snacks or maybe even lunch or dinner. Having a dedicated seating area in your garden is a great idea because it gives families the space to take a break, be social and talk about anything they have been doing. Dedicated seating/ dining areas are also great for if you’re having a picnic or barbecue at home with friends.

The question now is, which part of the garden do we work on first?


5 Family Friendly Garden Features

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