5 Things To Think About When Planning A Wedding

Summer generally means that it is wedding season. So many people want to get married when the weather is nice. They want outdoor options, perfect photos and a beautiful location. However, there are so many things to consider when planning a wedding. Here are 5!


This must be one of the most important factors to think about. When John and I got married we chose an amazing location. We actually got married in Orlando, Florida and it was just the two of us. We got married at a really big estate house with gorgeous grounds. I couldn’t have picked somewhere more perfect for us.

Location is such a big deal because it can make or break a wedding. The outcome of your wedding photos depend both on the location of the wedding and the photographer.

Outdoor wedding aisle

Guest List

The guest list can be one of the trickiest things to plan when it comes to weddings. John and I have family all over the place, divorces, people that don’t talk to one another etc. Although it’s your day, you don’t want to cause any arguments with the guests if you can help it! The guest list could take a very long time to confirm and it needs to be perfect!


As John and I got married in Florida, our vows were slightly different to those that are traditionally said here in the UK. Nowadays, it is a lot more common for couples to write their own wedding vows. These are much more personal but I image quite hard to write. I have no doubt that John could have written something beautiful but mine would have been about 2 lines long.


If you have a traditional wedding with a wedding breakfast, a lot of work goes into the layout and how everything looks. The theme and colour scheme means having to make sure everything is coordinated and matching. Wedding Table Centrepieces, chair covers, flowers will all help to tie the whole wedding together.

Cake Choice

I know that traditionally, wedding cake comes in the fruit variety. However, if you’re anything like me and someone who hates fruit cake, you have a choice to make. Do you go down the traditional route or do you choose something more popular like sponge or chocolate?

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  1. Congratulations! Looks like you had a wonderful day and in Florida, amazing. I agree with the guest list – we really struggled with ours and I have to say it was one of the most stressful parts of planning the day!

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