6 fun ways to craft with things you find outside

6 fun ways to craft with things you find outside

Crafting is something many children love to do, and it is a great way to get them off their technology and do something a little different. However, aside from the usual painting, colouring, and crafts sets you can buy, sometimes it is nice to get a little creative, and crafting with things you find outside can be a great way to help little ones use their imaginations. So here are some of the fun ways to craft with things you find outside. 

Painting rocks 

Rock painting has become popular in recent years where you not only find some rocks that are appropriate and have a good surface to paint, but also you can then hide them in different places for people to find. You can paint them in different colours and add words of encouragement on them. Anything goes and it can be a fun way to get the paints out and do something different. 

Collage out of leaves 

Autumn is a time of the year where leaves turn pretty colours and fall from the trees. So why not go out and collect some of them that you can use to create a collage out of. Leaves come in different colours, shapes, and sizes, so could be the ideal material to create some lovely artwork and pictures. 

Leaf printing 

You can also use leaves as an aid for painting. Leaf printing helps you to create different patterns due to the texture of some of the leaves that you can find outside. Collect different shapes and sizes and then place on side of them in the paint, and then print them onto a plain piece of paper. You could use them to create a picture, or just marvel at the different patterns they create. 

Artwork out of sticks 

Sticks are another great crating tool. Head out and collect as many different sticks as you can small and large. Then spread them out at home and see what picture you could make from them. Maybe a sun, a tree, or even a heart shape. Get a glue gun and stick them together to create your 3D artwork. You could even hang them in your home. 

Seashells and sea glass 

Heading to the beach is another place where you can find excellent materials to craft with at home. Along the beach, you may come across seashells and even sea glass. These can then be sued to create artwork at home. You can even use seashells and sea glass to decorate jars or other things that may need some extra decoration in your home. A glue gun is a great tool for projects such as these. 

Sand art

Finally, sand can also be a great thing to craft with. Grab a jar full of dry sand the next time you are at the beach. You can then split the sand into different bowls and use food dye to colour it. On a piece of paper glue different parts or sections of a picture and then sprinkle the sand onto it. Shake off any excess to create a beautiful sand art picture. 

Hopefully, this has given you plenty of ideas for things you can craft with that you find outside. 


6 fun ways to craft with things you find outside

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