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6 Repair Issues You Shouldn’t Ignore In Your Home

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Finding damage in your home is never going to be good. Aside from the expenses associated with damage and repairs to your house, the disruption to your lives can lead to some people putting off significant repairs as they can’t navigate life around the upheaval.

However, regardless of the condition of your house, if you spot any changes or signs that your property has sustained damage, you need to address them instantly.

But exactly what should you be looking for?

Ceiling Stains

Water stains on ceilings or walls indicate a leaking roof. Finding the leak is difficult; fixing it is typically simple. Even if it doesn’t affect you or you’re getting a new roof next year, a leaky roof should be corrected promptly. Small leaks can quickly cause significant issues, including mould, rotten frame and sheathing, blown insulation, and ruined ceilings. If you need roofing supplies, check out

Wood Damage

Woodworm can cause significant damage to the joists and floorboards in your home, and knowing the signs of damage so you can get quick and effective woodworm treatment is vital. If you spot live adult beetles or woodworm larvae, you need to call in professionals. Other signs include crumbling wood, boreholes and tracks in wood indicating woodworm is present.

Structural Damage

Structural damage can begin as small cracks, gaps appearing around window frames or doors not closing correctly in their frames. Pay attention to more minor cracks in your home, uneven floors, and leaning walls. Get in an expert if these cracks become more substantial, as this can indicate severe damage to your foundations or structural issues.

Increased Draughts

If you notice your home feels a little bit more breezy or cooler than it usually does, it could mean that someone has left a window or door open or you have a draught problem that needs addressing. When air leaks in through windows and doors, it makes your home less energy-efficient and while it may feel like it is simply just colder, it can be a big problem. Your windows and doors need to be secure and fit for purpose, and if they are letting air in from outside, they may be past their prime and need replacing for both efficiency and security.

Damp and Mildew

Black marks appearing on walls or a musty smell you can’t quite put your finger on? Excess moisture in a room can lead to damp issues and mould and mildew appearing in places it shouldn’t. Ensure the room has enough ventilation and address where the moisture is coming from to fix the problem. Check both inside and outside your home surround the raw you spotted the damp signs to locate the source. If this is neglected, it can cause severe structural and health problems.

Pools of Water or Dripping WaterLeaks can happen anywhere at any time. Pay attention to how and when you notice water in places there shouldn’t be water. Be it a leak coming in from the roof due to roof damage, a leaking tap or plumbing in the bathroom or kitchen. It could even be due to a problem with the water and sewage lines under your home if the problem is water pooling externally or blocked drains.

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