Bathroom Hacks For Your Home

Bathroom Hacks For Your Home

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When we bought our house we knew that there would be a lot of work to do. Buying a fixer-upper meant that we were able to buy somewhere bigger than we would have been able to afford otherwise. We have been able to buy a family sized house for our first home but we have barely even started on the work that needs doing.

One room that I would love to do up before any other is the bathroom. There is so much wrong with ours right now and it’s quite badly designed for the shape and size of the room. We have lived here for 4 and a half years now which has given me plenty of time to get an idea of what I want the room to do and what could make life a whole lot easier. When your bathroom needs a complete overhaul online bathroom specialist like Byretech is a great place to shop to get everything you need. I would recommend their stainless-steel bathroom rails for long-term quality and value!

Make the most of corners

Our bathroom is a decent size but as I said earlier, it’s very badly designed at the moment. We don’t really have a lot of space for toiletries and unless we cover our windowsill with bottles, we have very few options for where to put things. Corners can become great storage space with the help of bath and shower caddies. Some of these are really quite tall and can provide a space for your regular bath products and they would always be easy to get to as well!

Towel rails

I like for us to all use different towels but with only one towel rail for 3 of us, it can get crowded and messy quite quickly. At the moment, we only have 1 towel rail and I hate it. Somewhere that gets overlooked quite often as storage space is the back of the door. Realistically, I think we could probably fit 2 or 3 towel rails on the back of our door and then we could have one each. I also think it would be nice for Erin to have one for herself that she could actually reach.

Add some shelves

Our bath doesn’t fit the whole length of one wall and we have a lot of wasted space behind it. At the moment, we have a board closing off the gap so it’s level with the bath but everything above that is wasted space. I hate that this could be used in a much better way and an easy way to do this would be to add shelves. Although it’s not necessarily an easy area to get to, the shelves would add some valuable storage space for toiletries that we might not use on a regular basis or a stockpile or things like shampoo, conditioner and shower gel.

Kitchen storage

I know that this may sound a bit strange but there are loads of ways that you can use kitchen storage in your bathroom.

Spice racks of a certain size are a great way to utilise spare wall space. Depending on the size, you can use them for storing anything from nail polishes to deodorant cans. Vegetable trolleys are another great way to make the most of what might be an awkward space that you wouldn’t have used otherwise. If you have a decent amount of counter space in your bathroom then wire baskets or a tiered fruit stand would be a decorative way to hold items such as soaps or flannels.

I can’t wait to add some of these bathroom hacks into ours when we finally get around to having it re-done!Β 

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