Strategies for Creating a Wellness-Centric Family Budget

Collaborative post – Written by Cody Ellis Budgeting is an essential component of managing a family’s finances, although it often gets a bad rep, with many associating the process with feelings of restriction and deprivation. However, budgeting doesn’t have to be about cutting out all the joys and pleasures of life. Instead, it can be a powerful tool for promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle, while also being mindful of one’s financial limits. 

Mindfulness tips to bring calm to your household

When it comes to your household dynamics, we often are aware of how busy and chaotic things can get. Life is hectic. You might have work to think about, school runs, after school clubs to juggle, and extracurricular activities. It can be a lot! Mindfulness can be a great way to help you realign calm and positivity into your home, and whether it is a young child or a grown adult, it can work wonders. So here are some mindfulness tips to bring calm to your household. 

Why Is A Sedentary Lifestyle Bad?

AD | Collaborative post One of the leading health concerns that lead to some other preventable health problems is living a sedentary lifestyle. An average human needs at least 30 minutes of intentional exercise per day to stay active, and not considered sedentary. In this modern age, where people get things done with little or no physical activity involvement, a new developmental age is gradually evolving, and leaning towards the actualisation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) performing human tasks with not much interference. Physical inactivity (sedentary lifestyle) can have serious implications for people’s health, said the

10 ways to put yourself first in 2022

AD | Collaborative post The past couple of years have been hard for most people. Covid has changed all of our lives and still, two years later nothing is back to normal yet. It can be easy to look at caring more for the people around you but it’s so important to think about yourself. So, with that in mind, I wanted to share 10 ways to put yourself first in 2022.