Bank Holiday Weekend Plans

Bank Holiday Weekend Plans

This upcoming weekend is a Bank Holiday here in the UK and we finally have some nice weather coming our way. Since we got back from Majorca last week it seems like all it has done is rain and I am seriously ready for some more sun. John usually works a lot of weekends but this Bank Holiday weekend he has off completely and I cannot wait. Normally, we don’t really ever make plans on a weekend for various reasons. Either money gets in the way, work, weather or we just can’t be bothered. Not this weekend though!

Last night my sister’s fiance Chris arrived and then today my Mum will be here as well. My mum has to travel about 6 hours to get here so it’s a pretty long journey but she’ll get here around lunchtime and Erin will be so super excited to see her. We have a bit of a running joke about no one getting a look in when Mum and Chris are here because Erin loves them so much.

On Sunday we’re going out for a family meal to Middleton’s in Norwich. We haven’t been out for a meal with all of us together since Christmas Eve and as it’s somewhere none of us have been before we’re all really looking forward to it. John has already got his eye on a seafood mixed grill!

With Monday being the Bank Holiday and John having the day off he will be taking Erin to her normal swimming lesson instead of me. We have local car boot sales in the summer and they’re held down the road from where we live. As we don’t drive we can never do them apart from when they’re this local so I am going to attempt to de-clutter a bit and make some money ready for our next holiday to Haven next month.

It’s so nice to have plans for a change and I hope you all are doing something really fun too! 


Bank Holiday Weekend Plans

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