New Season Wardrobe For My Little One

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Now that we are finally really getting into autumn and winter will be here before we know it, it’s time to really think about sorting out Erin’s wardrobe and getting her ready for the bad weather. After last winter, where we ended up with a week of snow in March, I think it’s important to make sure Erin is really prepared this year. There are so many options and I love looking at Girls designer clothing online so here’s what I’ll be shopping for:


I find coats a bit of a tricky thing to buy for Erin. She’s quite small for her age and coats have never really seemed to fit her very well. Her arms seem to be a lot shorter than what coats think they should be and we always have to fold the arms over quite a few times. For autumn and winter Erin needs at least 2 coats; 1 thicker coat which is warmer and also 1 lighter rain coat. I have also found it quite hard to find a warmer coat that is also really waterproof as well so these are at the top of the list for Erin’s new season wardrobe.


Thanks to a certain cartoon pig Erin is such a big fan of jumping in muddy puddles. Erin doesn’t really care whether it’s sunny, raining or even snowing; she would be outside playing as long as I say she can. This means Erin needs at least a couple of pairs of boots. Not only do her feet and legs need to be kept as dry as possible but they also need to stay warm. Having multiple pairs will mean that we have a spare just in case they do get soaked through at any point.

Gloves and scarf

Last year Erin sort of stole her Auntie Natalie’s Harry Potter scarf and she became quite addicted to it. This year I think Erin is going to want a matching glove and scarf set in her own size. She really loves to be cosy and warm when we’re out and about and she’s sat in the pushchair. Getting Erin to keep the gloves on could be a whole other story though!


Living in an old Victorian semi without central heating means it can get a bit chilly. We have a lot of floorboards with gaps and this means we have quite draughty rooms, especially during autumn and winter. Staying warm inside means dressing in layers and thick jumpers when it gets really cold. Erin is quite a messy toddler so we need quite a few different jumpers this year to make sure we have enough for changes throughout the day if we need them.

These are just the essentials we need for Erin’s new wardrobe for the autumn/ winter season this year but I’m sure we’ll need some other bits and pieces as well, such as Christmas specific clothes and nice warm tights! 


New Season Wardrobe For My Little One

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