Jackson’s got a girlfriend

Not long after we took a risk and let Jackson off the lead at the park and he started to socialise with other dogs, he met a lady dog he likes quite a bit. One day he was running around chasing his ball when I spotted another champagne GSD. In a town as small as ours, it’s not a common sight. In fact, you don’t see them around much at all no matter where you are! The owner quickly came over because he thought our dog was his at one point and he had to come and see Jackson for himself.

And he’s off!

Jackson is now 15 months old and still a crazy puppy. I thought he’d be a lot calmer by now but his favourite thing is  still to run around like a maniac or play with John. I don’t get much time to play with him to be honest because of Erin so giving him exercise is really John’s department. Due to how Jackson reacts to new people and other dogs we have never taken him out and let him off the lead before. It has scared the crap out of both of us. For some unknown reason though I recently

Still a monster!

Recently the blog has been taken over by all things baby related and I had to remind myself of the title! It’s not all about Erin but also my husband John, our life together and Jackson, Flopsy and Mopsy, who haven’t had a look in for a long time now. Jackson is now 16 months old and he’s slowly starting to calm down. When I say slowly, I mean very slowly. While I was pregnant we had a few issues with Jackson. For some reason he decided that he no longer wanted to listen to me and would be as

Jackson’s first op!

Last week John’s dad decided to pay us a surprise visit which meant he stayed with us for a couple of days. He hadn’t seen the house yet since we moved in last April and he also hadn’t met Jackson. Well, Jackson took a strong liking to John’s dad which ended up in us deciding to get him neutered. I had always wanted to get him done anyway but this pushed me to actually making the appointment. I was expecting a bit of a wait but I called on Monday and had an appointment for Thursday! Jackson did really well

Dogs eat the grossest things!

Jackson quickly got over the ‘I will play with anything’ phase and not much keeps his attention for too long now. He does love toys but anything soft he will rip apart in 5 minutes and he certainly doesn’t care if they cost £9 a pop. We tried buying him things like Nylabones but he’s given up on those now as well. He’s a pretty picky dog who one minute loves something and the next he hates it. Our local, very small, pet shop is a fantastic stockist for dogs of all sizes and we generally get everything for Jackson

Jackson’s holiday

John and I are going on holiday in September for the first time since we got Jackson and leaving him at the local kennels for 7 nights was a bit much for his first time. So, as we had a couple of busy days with us being out a lot we decided to put him in for 2 nights as a trial to see how he got on.  The staff at Norstead Hall were really understanding about it being his first time away from home and did everything they could to keep him calm while we left. Jackson seriously panicked when he

Rough and tough

A little while ago I wrote a post about Jackson and his ability to destroy his toys no matter how tough they say they are. I was extremely disappointed in a particular brand of toys so the lovely people at Petface sent Jackson some other goodies that should have been better suited to him… and his teeth.  Jackson was very excited when the package arrived for him and he couldn’t wait to see what was inside. Petface had sent him a really tough rope toy and a plastic bone that you put treats in. The certainly felt tough to touch

It’s the little things

At four months old, Jackson is a pretty hyper puppy. He has energy all of the time apart from when he’s asleep. Even then, if we’re home we have to put him in the kitchen to sleep as he doesn’t seem to like doing that when John and I are around. He wants to be with us constantly and play with us every second that he can. That obviously makes it hard to get anything done around the house. Jackson likes to sit next to me on the couch and play so that means not being able to use my