Confessions Of An Emotional Wreck

I always used to make fun of my mum for crying at the silliest things. I used to think it was really funny and I didn’t understand at all why she cried at things I didn’t really think were sad. However, having a baby changes you and it completely fucks up your hormones. Here are the confessions of an emotional wreck: It all started when I was pregnant. The hormones hit me quite quickly and I soon found myself getting emotional about nothing. In fact, the day I found out I was pregnant I had the mother of all arguments

When Only Mama Will Do

When one parent stays home with a new baby and the other goes back to work, I think it would be fair to say that the baby will probably end up favouring one parent over the other. Erin has gone through phases a few times when only Mama will do only this time, it’s worse! John had a week off work with me at home after my 2 weeks in hospital following Erin’s birth but in that time, he was the one doing everything for Erin because I couldn’t. John did pretty much every single night feed with Erin, he

Curiosity And Potential Harm: A Guide To Childproofing Your Kitchen

They say the kitchen is the heart of a home, so naturally, everything emanates from the room. Eventually, all that goes on in the home end up in the kitchen as the gravity of food and water pulls all those in the house toward one common goal. If you have small children, a place of solace can be a dangerous, hazardous arena which can lead to accidents and potential harm. A kitchen doesn’t have to be entirely designed for growing families because there are ways to make the room childproof. The kitchen is full of menacing characteristics, with heat, fire,

PND and Me: Seeking Help

Yesterday was a hard day. After posting about my admittance of having post natal depression  (PND) quite quickly made a doctor’s appointment. I knew that if I didn’t I would probably chicken out and not want to go. Seeking help really is the first step to recovery. My doctor’s surgery changes its rules about when you can and can’t book in advance for so getting an appointment with a particular doctor is nearly impossible. My appointment ended up being with someone who doesn’t work there very often and I had never seen before. I actually think I liked it better that way.

My Mum Network

Something I didn’t really think of while I was pregnant with Erin was how important having a network of mums would be. Now, I don’t want anyone to think that I’m being horrible or whatever for not including dads in this post but you’ll soon understand why I have. Moving to Norfolk after going to university in Nottingham meant not really having many friends here. I have made a couple of good friends through my previous job. However, Erin is the reason I have some of the friends I do now and yes, they’re all mums. Two of those mums are

Separation Anxiety: My personal hell!

I always thought I had been really careful with Erin. I had seen some parents with extremely clingy children and I was adamant that wouldn’t be how Erin turned out. Something I was not prepared for was Separation Anxiety. John works full time so naturally, it is me that stays home with Erin during the day. Don’t think I’m complaining about this. I’m not. I absolutely love spending every day with my daughter while I’m on maternity leave. I haven’t figured out going back to work yet so I’m making the most of every day with her while I have it.

Why baby wearing isn’t for me

Before Erin was born I had looked at baby slings and carriers. I loved the idea of them. I definitely wanted to do baby wearing. Unfortunately, having an emergency section and another surgery a week later meant that I wasn’t even able to think about baby wearing. I hadn’t bought a sling or anything at this point. It wasn’t until Erin was nearly 3 months old that I bought the Closer Caboo NCT carrier. Honestly, I did not get my moneys worth. Erin and I didn’t go out on any long adventures with us. We only ventured out to the

Guest Post: What is Rhythmic Movement Training

Before Erin was even born I was interested in any class or activity that would maybe help her development. I’m always curious now as to why babies and children need certain things I love finding out more about these kinds of things. Today I have Samantha Henry on the blog, talking about Rhythmic Movement Training. Hi everyone, I’m Samantha. I’m a Rhythmic Movement Brain development consultant in training. Thank you Lyndsey for inviting me to guest blog. ‘Me, Him ,The Dog and a Baby’ is such a real blog reminding mums of real life and I’m so glad you share your experiences with the