Exploring Mindfulness with Your Child

Practising mindfulness can be beneficial for adults and children alike. It’s about drawing one’s attention back to the present moment in a gentle and accepting manner and allows parents and caregivers to promote happiness and relieve stress and anxiety. Here are some simple tips from an independent school in London to help you explore mindfulness with your child. We all face different levels of adversity from the moment we’re born; babies get hungry and tired, toddlers tackle a new language, and teenagers often struggle with schoolwork, friendships, and developing a sense of self. The natural

How to Raise a Resilient Child

AD | Collaborative post It’s understandable that you would want to shield your child from anything which could potentially hurt them, but it’s also important to help children develop the ability to bounce back from setbacks. Nurturing resilience in your child will enable them to grow into adults who can face challenges head on and overcome them and recover from disappointments. These tips from a private school in Surrey will help you raise a resilient child.  Encourage independence Give your child the space to explore and let them try new things. Encourage them to figure

What To Do When Your Child Gets Their First Wobby Teeth

Just a couple of days before her 5th birthday, Erin told John that her teeth felt wobbly. He didn’t really believe her at the time, thinking 5 was a bit too young for baby teeth to be falling out. Then, when she told me I just had to check and there they were, two wobbly teeth on the bottom row. Immediately, I thought back to her very first birthday, which was the day that both of these teeth came through. Erin was a little bit worried to begin with, I think not really understanding what

Mum… I Want A Brother Or Sister

Over the years Erin has asked me plenty of times if we’re going to have another baby. Mostly, she has asked as part of another conversations we’ve been having and when I’ve said no she’s sort of shrugged it off and forgotten about it. I think all children, even if they do already have siblings, are likely to ask this question at some point or another. This year though Erin has been asking more and more and instead of just asking she has been saying quite clearly that she wants a sibling. I’m not sure

Are We Finally Ready To Ditch The Pushchair?

When you are a non-driving family and have a family something that quickly becomes a lifesaver is a pram or pushchair. We ended up having quite a few different models over the years since Erin was born and honestly, I don’t know how I would have coped without using them for so long. At the beginning of the year, with Erin turning 4, I really started to think about whether or not we should still be using the pushchair and if Erin was ready to stop using it. Back in March we went on holiday to

Dealing with Grief: How to Cope with Birthing a Stillborn

AD | Collaborative post Dealing with grief is never easy, but when you’re saying goodbye to your stillborn child, nothing quite compares. To find out some of the best ways to cope in this unprecedented situation, read on… As an expecting parent, bringing your new baby home is probably something you’ve been imagining for months. It’s also likely that you’ll have everything prepared, including clothes, a room, and even the nappies, ready for your new arrival. This is what makes birthing a stillborn baby so completely unprecedented, surreal, and tragic. It’s not going to be

Saying Goodbye To Naps

From the day she was born Erin has always been a great sleeper. Back when we used to go to baby classes, such as Baby Sensory and Baby Yoga, it became a joke that Erin wouldn’t last through a whole class. It took right until Erin was 1, and in one of her last classes, to get to the end of Baby Sensory. I remember the whole class clapping because it had never happened before. I think we’ve been really lucky when it came to Erin and napping. Up until the age of 2 she

Finding The Right Childcare With Childcare.co.uk

AD | Paid collaboration Even before Erin was born we knew that she would be an only child. Factors such as a really hard pregnancy, an even harder birth and family circumstances have meant that we haven’t wanted any more children. Being an only child can be quite a hard thing as young children crave companionship, friendship and fun with others their own age. I found that as soon as baby classes such as Baby Sensory and Baby Yoga finished at around age 1 Erin wasn’t getting this any more. It was time to look