Creating A Work Space To Maximise Efficiency

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Being someone that works from home means that I don’t have the same kind of work environment as other people. I am very lucky to have been able to convert one of our spare bedrooms into an office of my own. However, I have recently realised that my office isn’t a place where I feel calm or even where I get much done. Most of the time it’s an absolute mess thanks to things just being dumped in there.

Now, Erin is off nursery and I am trying to fit in being with her all day, every day and fitting my own work in. It’s not easy and going to work in a stressful space doesn’t help. When life finally gets back to normal I want to have a bit of a redesign to make things more organised, calmer and mostly, to make it a place where I actually want to work. Here are a few things that I think would help:


I actually thought I had pretty good storage in my office. I have a big IKEA desk with 6 drawers and a big shelving unit that holds a lot. However, my office isn’t solely used for work and I store other things in there such as presents, wrapping paper and bits and pieces that I’m trying to sell on Facebook. There is no clear divide and at busy time of the year, such as Christmas or Easter, I end up with my floor being covered.

Not only do I need to put up some shelves to clear some of the clutter from my desk but I need to invest in some nice storage boxes to keep things clean, tidy and looking lovely while they’re on the shelves.

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My office only has a small window and there light I have in there at the minute isn’t great. Bad lighting not only makes it hard to concentrate but it is also quite depressing. I struggle quite a lot when I need to take photos of products for posts or gift guides and it really makes things hard sometimes. An upgrade would be to install LED panels. These would give me a lot more light across the whole room and they would be more efficient and cost less to run than the lights I currently have.


My office, although it has lovely wall paper, is a pretty boring room. It has no personality and no life to it. I think without being able to look out the window at the back garden, I’d go a bit mad working in there. What I really want to cheer up the room, and make me want to work in there, are some plants. I’m honestly not very good with plants but I think working in my office more and looking at them a lot would really help me to relax and also to help me remember to look after the plants.

These few changes would make a huge difference to my home office. Instead of working in a space that creates stress and is full of mayhem it would be more like a calm room where I could go to work in peace. If you have a home office, how do you make it a nicer place to work?


Creating A Work Space To Maximise Efficiency

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