The Importance Of Eye Tests For Office Workers

John has been in his job for 16 years now and that means he has sat in front of a computer screen for a very long time on a daily basis. I also now work with a computer and between us, we have really felt the need to look after our eyes better. Sitting at a computer screen for hours and hours every day can really do damage to your eyes, especially if you don’t take proper breaks or if you sit too close to the screen. Both of us have needed eye tests for quite some time but unfortunately, things can get in the way and life takes over, meaning it’s something we have put off. We’ve teamed up with Vision Express, who are promoting good eye health and encouraging people to get more regular eye tests!

Did you know there are more than 2 million people in the UK living with sight loss, of which 50% could have been prevented if they had just had regular eye tests.

We took a trip as a family for John’s appointment at our nearest Vision Express branch which is in Norwich. Being in the Castle Mall shopping center means that it is really easy for everyone to get to whether you walk in, get public transport or drive. We’d booked an appointment in advance for an eye test and to choose some new glasses. 

When we arrived we had a bit of time before John had his first eye test as the room was already being used but this gave us time to have a look over the range of frames available and I was surprised at just how much choice there was. You can see a selection of the men’s range below.

Vision Express Norwich

This was Erin’s first trip to an optician and she was pretty amazed that you could pick up all of the glasses on the wall. She was very happy to help John try on glasses and she loved picking out some frames as final choices.

Vision Express Norwich

Vision Express was very thorough with John’s eye tests and he ended up having 2 different kinds. This meant Erin and I had to sit around and wait but the staff were great with Erin and didn’t mind her running around like a crazy child too much. I think if Erin had her own way she would have gone away with some glasses herself because she loved trying them on from the children’s range.

Vision Express Norwich

After John’s eye test it was time to discuss the glasses he needed and to choose some frames. We had picked out a few different frames and between me and the woman helping, we discarded a few options quite quickly. It was nice to have some expert advice because John doesn’t really know what suits him and what doesn’t and he also needed some advice about his lenses.

John ended up choosing a really lovely pair of frameless glasses from the Lightfly range. He chose a really lovely pair with copper arms that are really quite delicate. These suited John a lot better than the darker frames that were available and he was really happy with his choice. You can find these at the Norwich branch but to see the full range available it’s best to visit your local store, which you can find here!

Johns Glasses

John’s eye test revealed that he needed varifocal lenses. Vision Express offer different kinds of varifocal lenses and John opted for the enhanced lenses as they also included Anti-Reflection Plus coating which is perfect for him as he works in an office.

Just over half of adults in the UK visit an optician once every five years and 13.8 million adults in the UK don’t have their eyes checked regularly.

We were advised that John’s glasses would be ready to be picked up in 7-10 days and that timing was pretty spot on. John is so happy with his new glasses and saw an improvement very quickly. Before he got his new glasses working at a computer screen for around 8 hours a day really put stress on his eyes and made him so tired sometimes.

John's Glasses

Eye tests and glasses don’t have to cost a fortune and they don’t take nearly as long as I remembered. It might have been John getting new glasses this time but we had such a good experience with Vision Express as a family and this makes a massive difference to me. I would go back for sure to get myself an eye test and new glasses!

If you work with computers yourself, or in an office, please go and get yourself an eye test if you haven’t had one recently! 


Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Vision Express. All opinions are our own.  

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