My Experience Of A Dietbon Diet Food Delivery

My Experience Of A Dietbon Diet Food Delivery

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I don’t think I’ve ever had a really good relationship with food and I know I should be doing a lot better than I am. I struggle with organising meals if they are just for myself and I sometimes can’t be bothered to prepare a full meal. I want something quick, filling and easy to sort out. Recently, after giving up drinking sugary drinks like Coca Cola, I lost a bit of weight but it put me at an awkward in between size. To try to get down to that lower size I decided to try a diet food delivery from DietBon.

The concept

The website offers lots of information about the concept and what help you will get along the way. By signing up to DietBon you have access to a dietitian and will have a consultation before you even start. I was a bit nervous about the phone call with the dietitian but it was all very relaxed and she offered me a lot of advice regarding healthier drinks options and what counts as a portion of fruit, rather than a piece!

The DietBon system is designed to give you breakfast, lunch and dinner each day along with 1 dessert and 1 snack, with the products that are used being 100% natural. You follow this routine for 6 days a week and on the 7th day you have a free day! On that last day you are able to eat whatever you like however, you are encouraged to choose healthy options which is made easier with recipes in the booklet that comes with your delivery.

(Be sure to take a look at the discounted welcome offer further down the post)

Choosing the food

I tried the DietBon plan for 4 weeks meaning I received 3 varieties of breakfast, 48 main meals to split between lunch and dinner, 3 varieties of snacks and 3 varieties of dessert, along with a detox tea. Through an online account, I was able to tailor my order to my own needs and this was great especially for being able to pick the main meals as these all come in singular portions.

As I received a lot of main meals I won’t go into deal about every single option but here are some of the options that I chose

  • Beef moussaka with grilled vegetables
  • Chicken & vegetables couscous
  • Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Roast chicken fillet with mashed potatoes
  • Hake fillet with mashed sweet potatoes
  • Whole meal salad : Bean and lentil salad with pumpkin seeds and vegetables

For breakfast, I chose a mixture of pancakes and two different kinds of muesli. Each of these comes in a pack of 8 meaning if you only sign up for a week you only get 1 option. I think I would get bored of only having the same thing every day for 4 weeks so it would be nice if these could come in smaller packs. This is the same for the snacks and desserts; each of which come in packs of 8.

DietBon Breakfast

Starting the programme

I don’t know why but it always seems an easier option to start a new mean plan of any kind on a Monday. I guess it seems easier to keep track of days. On the first day I was a bit unsure about what the food would be like.

DietBon Breakfast

The meals for lunch and dinner were actually much nicer than I had initially thought. Some meals are designed to be eaten cold, such as the salads and these would be great if you need to take something to work with you. There was around 10 different salad options ranging from pasta to rice and also things like quinoa. The salads sounded really appetising and interesting compared to your usual thing of lettuce, cucumber and tomato!

DietBon meal

The main meals that are to be served hot are really easy to prepare as they only take 2 minutes in the microwave. Overall, I found the portion sizes to bigger than I thought they would be but some weren’t quite as filling as others. The great thing with the DietBon meals is that you can add vegetables to them if you want. I found this really made the portion sizes more suitable and it helped to stop getting hungry quicker and craving snacks.

DietBon meal

I’ll be completely honest, some of the meals didn’t look or smell too appealing on first impressions. However, once cooked in the microwaved and put on a plate, especially with some added vegetables, the meals did look a lot nicer. You can also add salad to one of your meals each day and this also helps to bulk it out a bit. Of course, a salad doesn’t always ‘go’ with a meal so this might be something worth thinking about when ordering the meals.

DietBon meal

Speaking of snacks, I really liked that these were available, as were the optional desserts. Without these little extras I think the DietBon plan would put me off. Having a sweet tooth, I do like a treat and options such as chocolate pudding or mini lemon cakes really helped to satisfy  a craving. The portions are only small but just a little taste of something sweet really made a big difference.

DietBon meal


One of the biggest things to consider when signing up to something like DietBon is price. The cost gets lower the longer you sign up for and the prices are as follows:
• 1 month: £76 per week
• 2 months: £67 per week
• 3 months: £59 per week
• 4 months: £44 per week

These prices include delivery and your dietary consultations. As part of a family of 3 the prices would be a little on the high side for us as I wouldn’t ever sign up to do it for a period of time as long as 4 months. As these are singular meals and they are not for children, we would then have to cover costs of the other meals needed as well. However, I do think if you are single or part of a couple this might be a bit more manageable.

DietBon meal


Following the DietBon plan was simple, easy and I found it worked well with my lifestyle. However, I work from home and have access to a much needed microwave for the main meals. However, if you are on the go more, or work somewhere where microwaving meals isn’t an option then you would really struggle. After following the DietBon plan for roughly 3 weeks I can say that it has worked. I cannot tell you exactly what weight was lost as we don’t own scales but I can say that I have successfully dropped down to the lower dress size and that was my aim. I think DietBon is a good way to lose a bit of weight in a healthier way and without starving yourself.

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My Experience Of A Dietbon Diet Food Delivery

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