How to raise a compassionate child

How to raise a compassionate child

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Humans are social beings, and we need compassion to be happy, healthy and to be able to create meaningful relationships. Compassion isn’t just showing kindness but being understanding and empathetic of others. A boys school in London shares information on how to raise a compassionate child.

A Family Pet

Pets are like bundles of joy that can teach your child many important life lessons. Like how to be kind and take responsibility. As pets can’t talk, we rely on their body language like whimpers, tail wags and grins. This can get your child accustomed to understanding different emotions and how to be considerate of them. 

Developing Empathy

Getting your child to think about what it might be like to be in someone else’s shoes can help them to develop empathy. This is crucial to being compassionate as it allows us to respond in ways that are considerate and thoughtful.

Exercising Gratitude

Gratitude can help your child be appreciative of the kindness that they have received and encourage them to do the same for others. To exercise gratitude with your child you can get them to write thank you cards for the kind people that they have to be thankful for in their life.

Volunteering to Help a Cause 

Volunteer work can give your child a sense of accomplishment and a buzz from doing something to help someone else. The endorphin rush that you get from showing someone kindness and being able to see the difference that you can make to their life is unparalleled. This can help them to show compassion to others by developing an enjoyment and a new habit. It’s also a great way to get your child to gain some work experience and learn skills that they otherwise would not be able to in school.

Be A Good Role Model

Your child looks up to you as their guide and will learn about much of the world through you. You can raise a compassionate child by being kind and considerate to those around you. This means taking the time to acknowledge the feelings of others and being respectful too.

Exercising Self-Compassion

It’s just as vital for your child to understand the importance of treating themselves with respect and kindness. This can help them to lead a healthy life where they aren’t burned out and are better for it mentally.


How to raise a compassionate child

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