Danilo My First Calendar Review

Danilo My First Calendar Review

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In January Erin turned 3 and changed where she goes to nursery. Her old nursery sadly closed down so we changed to a Montessori nursery. Since then Erin has really thrived and she has become more and more interested in what happens on a daily basis. We have a large calendar/ white board where I write down everything we do and Erin asks what some of it means.

Instead of Erin using my calendar which is quite frankly a bit boring, we were recently sent a Danilo’s ‘My First Calendar’. There are three options available; Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol and PJ Masks so there should be a character your child likes.

Danilo My First Calendar

The calendar is quite large (350 x 350mm) and each section is a decent size. There are 6 different interactive sections in total and each are nicely sized with space around them so the calendar isn’t too cluttered or confusing anywhere. I really like that each section is clearly separated from the others as it could all end up being a bit too intimidating for small children otherwise.

Danilo My First Calendar

Danilo’s My First Calendar comes with a dry wipe marker pen so you and your child can customise and update the calendar on a daily basis. There is space to write the numerical date each day and somewhere to change the day and month as well.

Danilo My First Calendar

In the bottom right hand corner of the calendar there is space for me and Erin to write down what she is doing on each day of the week. As you can see, Erin is always busy and on weekdays she has something happening each day. She loves to know what is coming up so this is a great way for her to be able to look herself and eventually, be able to read what each day says. It’s great that this area can be wiped clean as we will need to change it up for school holidays or if we go away anywhere.

Danilo My First Calendar

Something Erin gets quite confused about sometimes is what time of day it is. She knows what when she wakes up from being asleep at night it is morning but she sometimes also says that it is morning because it’s light outside or because she’s just woken up for a nap. The interactive My First Calendar allows us to move the arrow around during the day so Erin can understand better what time of day it actually is.

Danilo My First Calendar

Something else we like to talk about a lot is the weather but again, this is something that Erin can get a bit confused about at times. There is a circular section with 5 different weather types; sun, snow, storm, rain and cloudy, which covers most of what we get here in the UK. Erin seems to think that if it’s not raining or snowing then it’s sunny so having the cloudy option will be a really big help I think.

Danilo’s My First Calendar is such a great help for young children to learn more about what happens from day to day. Although Erin can’t read or write what’s on the calendar yet we are able to talk about all of the sections and she loves looking to see what we have coming up for the rest of the week.


Danilo My First Calendar Review

12 thoughts on “Danilo My First Calendar Review”

  1. I love this! I remember having something similar when i was a kid! It’s so great as this gives children a little bit of independence in how they’re day is going to be. They can look at their calendar and know what they’re doing today without asking!
    Caitylis x x

  2. Oh I love this! It reminds me of the calendar we used to do at school and I know my daughter would absolutely love doing this each morning 🙂

  3. This is a lovely calendar. We had a similar one and it really helped the children learn as well as connect more to the seasons as they changed and the weather

  4. I love that it also has the weather on. It’s looks a great tool to help little ones learn

  5. I love this! Been thinking of getting something similar for my boys. Peppa Pig is banned in our house, as she creeps the hell out of me, but I could love with a Paw Patrol one.

  6. I love this calendar! I’ve been searching for something like this for a while now as my daughter is just starting to understand the days of the week more so this is perfect!

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