How We Spent The Easter Holidays

How We Spent The Easter Holidays

I remember dreading February half term. I wasn’t prepared and I didn’t have anything planned and I was worried about how I would keep Erin entertained for a week. I wasn’t nearly as worried about the Easter holidays though as it was jam packed and we ended up doing loads. Here’s our we spent the Easter holidays:

A quiet start

Knowing that we had a lot of plans for most of the Easter holidays I tried to keep the beginning of the first week as quiet and chilled out as possible. Erin has her usual swimming lessons during the holidays on a Monday and then we spent a couple of days relaxing at home and doing crafts.

2 nights in Ipswich

Towards the end of the week we headed to Ipswich for a couple of days away as a family. We had a lovely stay at Novotel Ipswich (where the breakfast was amazing), a meal at Frankie and Benny’s, a meal at Prezzo and trips to a couple of parks and a couple of museums. We did as much as we possibly could with the time we had and all of us loved the city.

Novotel Ipswich superior room

Novotel Ipswich breakfast

Frankie and Benny's chocolate brownie sundae

Meal at Prezzo Ipswich

Grandma’s visit

The day after we got back from Ipswich we had my Mum come to stay for just over a week. We had been counting down to her visit on our calendar for weeks so Erin was the most excited I’ve seen her in such a long time. Erin made the most of having her Grandma to play with and they must have played with every toy Erin owns. They also baked Minion cakes as well but they didn’t even make it to the next day I don’t think.

Erin and Grandma colouring

Erin and Grandma baking

Feeding the ducks

On the Thursday me, Mum and Erin took a trip on the train to Wroxham to feed the ducks. We unfortunately don’t have anywhere where we live to do this but the train journey is only about 10 minutes and Erin loves it. We got ourselves 4 bags of duck food and fed the swans before heading to McDonald’s for lunch and an ice cream!

Erin and Grandma feeding the ducks

Erin feeding the ducks

Easter egg hunt

Over the Easter weekend we had such nice weather so we played out in the garden a lot. On Easter Sunday my sister and her partner came over and Erin had her very first Easter egg hunt. We had to set it up only 10 minutes before as it was so warm outside in the morning and we didn’t want anything to melt. Erin had so much fun and was so excited running around the garden trying to find as many eggs as she could.

Erin's First Easter Egg Hunt

Erin's First Easter Egg Hunt

You won’t regret going on a family holiday in Suffolk, there’s so much to do you’ll struggle to choose!


How We Spent The Easter Holidays

10 thoughts on “How We Spent The Easter Holidays”

  1. It looks like you have had a lovely Easter break! We are still on ours as our schools don’t go back till next week. It’s funny how all the schools up and down the country have had different weeks off this year!

  2. Ahhh looks like you had a lovely time full of simple pleasures – that’s what Easter break should be all about. We are back to normality here and missing the slowness of the Easter holidays!

  3. Ah what a lovely easter break you had. A great mix of chilled time and activities. Great that you managed to have an all important Easter egg hunt too!!

  4. You managed to fit such a lot into your Easter break. I love that you had time to see family and go away for a few days too. Glad that Erin loved her first Easter egg hunt.

  5. Sounds like you’ve had a lovely couple of weeks. We had quite a low key couple of weeks but still managed to pack quite a lot in x

  6. We both had to work over the Easter holidays, so my eldest was at holiday camp and my youngest at nursery as usual as they don’t close. So we just had the Easter weekend off, but all ended up sick with heavy colds. We still managed to do an egg hunt in the garden though.

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