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After we tried potty training with Erin for the first time back in March I soon realised that we were not really prepared enough at all. Even though we didn’t carry on with potty training at that time, we did learn a few things. We had one potty ready for Erin but we didn’t think about the practicalities. Erin’s bedroom is upstairs, we have a downstairs toilet and no toilet in our downstairs bathroom. We certainly didn’t anticipate when we would be trying again and how well Erin would take to it the second time around. Luckily, BabyBjörn kitted us out with a few pieces to help make our second attempt much easier.

This time around Erin took to potty training so quickly. We had 1 day of tiny 1p sized wees and we went through about 14 pairs of knickers on that day too. The next day, it just seemed to click and now we’re only battling with getting Erin to do a poo in the potty. The potty we started with looks like a real toilet but it’s not the easiest thing to move around with us but BabyBjörn’s Smart Potty is ideal for moving from room to room or even taking out with you.

BabyBjörn Smart Potty

The Smart Potty comes in various colours and costs £22. Our Smart Potty is a sort of mix between gold and bronze and it really reminds me of a throne. The BabyBjörn logo is proudly displayed on the front of the potty too and Erin loved that there was a ‘funny’ bear.

BabyBjörn Smart Potty

The Smart Potty has rubber edging along the base which prevents it from slipping around, no matter where you’re using it. There is also a handle at the back of the seat which makes it easy to carry around and the inner potty just lifts out which makes emptying it a breeze. Erin loves taking the inner potty out herself and emptying it into the toilet because it’s just so easy for her to do.

Erin is now at the point (after only a couple of weeks) where she asks for a wee before getting into bed so this potty is perfect for keeping upstairs so she can use it whenever she needs to.

BabyBjörn toilet training seat

The other item we received is the Toilet Training Seat. I honestly didn’t think we would be needing this for quite some time but I wanted to be prepared. I had to try Erin on a big toilet in Sainsbury’s just when we started potty training and she was so scared so I thought it would be months and months until she even wanted to try at home.

BabyBjörn toilet training seat

BabyBjörn toilet training seat

The BabyBjörn Toilet Training Seat is so easy to fit to a toilet and Erin could probably do it herself. The seat has a practical handle so you can carry it around, hang it up on the wall or attach it to your pushchair if you are taking it out with you. This seat fits most toilets too thanks to the adjustable dial on the under side of the seat. Once you have it set for your toilet you don’t need to touch the dial again.

BabyBjörn toilet training seat

Ever since our toilet training seat arrived I have had it sitting next to the toilet and one morning Erin just woke up and wanted to use it. John had got up with Erin and by the time I got up, she’d already used the seat a few times. I was so proud!

Erin will now happily going into the toilet, put her seat on herself and ask for help getting up to sit on it. We need to buy an extra step so that she can do this herself. She does have one now but we use it in the bathroom for brushing teeth/ getting in the bath etc. and we don’t want Erin to have an accident if she needs to go desperately.

These products from BabyBjörn have made our potty training journey so much easier. The products are so user friendly that Erin, at age 2.5, can use both of these herself so not only did they help her learn but they also encourage independence. 


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