Preparing For 2019

AD – We received these items for the purpose of this post. All opinions are our own. 

Before a New Year starts I like to make sure I have everything in order and that means being super organised. John just goes with the flow and is happy to go along with any plans I make. Generally, I just need to ask him to book the time off work or make sure the dates are okay. Being the person that keeps track of everything for not only myself but John and Erin as well means needing some items to help me out.

Danilo very kindly sent us a lovely bundle of products to help get us started for 2019.

Danilo 2019 bundle

As I generally keep the whole family organised for the whole year calendars and diaries are an absolute must have for me. The Happy Jackson Family Organiser Calendar is great as a whole family calendar as there are spaces for up to 5 different people so you can keep track of what everyone is doing in the same place. If you like to match products then you could also get the Happy Jackson Diary to go with it.

Happy Jackson 2019 calendar and diary

For my own personal diary I am going to be using the Wonder Woman Diary. Sometimes, keeping track of all of our personal lives as well as being self-employed, makes me feel like I am Wonder Woman so this is a perfect fit for me.

Wonder Woman A5 Official 2019 Diary

For John I chose something super fun and something that suits him perfectly. The Harry Potter Desk Block will be going off to work with John as soon as he goes back after his Christmas break. Working in an office can be pretty boring and as John is a huge Harry Potter fan, this desk pad with a new picture from the films each day will be a bit of fun for him.

Harry Potter Desk Block and Pusheen Desk Pad

For work I’m going to be using the Pusheen Desk Pad on a daily basis. I don’t get very far without a to-do list and this desk pad has just enough space on each day without letting me make lists that are too long. It’s also super cute which is a big plus for me!

Danilo birthday cards and wrap

Lastly, something I am never prepared for is birthdays. I am obviously okay with birthdays for family and close friends but now that Erin is making more friends at nursery, we get party invitations pop up and I am never prepared for that. Danilo have loads of birthday cards and wrap to choose from and some even come in really handy bundles.


Preparing For 2019

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  1. Just found you lovely blog. We are down the road in Great Yarmouth. 🙂 really enjoyable reading 🙂

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