Getting My Home Organised For The New Year

Getting My Home Organised For The New Year

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The New Year is just around the corner and while I don’t really make resolutions as such, I do like to start the year in a certain way. Just before Christmas I like to have a good clean up and clear out of things we don’t want or need. Right after Christmas I like to get really organised and put things away as soon as possible to make sure life can get back to normal quickly and without any hassle. I think starting the New Year being tidy and organised can really help you to have more control over your life and also stop quite a lot of stress.

With that in mind, we have teamed up with Addis to show you some great products to organise different areas of your life and your home.


We have a really tiny galley kitchen and it doesn’t really have a whole lot of storage space. We have minimal cupboard space and thanks to the previous owners, some of the cupboards don’t even have shelves or full doors anymore. Unfortunately, we don’t have the funds to replace the kitchen yet so we have to make the most of what we’ve got.

Addis small and medium storage trays

Something we struggle with sometimes is space in the fridge because we only have an under the counter one that doesn’t have a lot of space. Erin in particular likes to know which things in the fridge are hers so we like to keep them separate. Storage trays are a great idea for keeping your fridge clean, organised and in order. Addis have both small trays and medium trays which can be used in a whole range of ways.

Addis small and medium storage trays

Although we use our trays in the fridge for Erin’s drinks and snacks they can be used to organise kitchen cupboards or anywhere else in your home really. They would be really handy for underneath the skin to keep all of your cleaning products together and in an orgnanised manner.


Up until last month my office was downstairs but we made a big decision to give up the space so that Erin could have a play area instead. Now, my office is upstairs in what was the spare bedroom but because of Christmas, it has been a bit overtaken with presents and wrapping and I hadn’t really gotten round to getting it all organised.

I am lucky that I have quite a large desk with a set of drawers on each side but some of them can get really messy and it becomes a pain to find anything. I think a lot of us will have that 1 drawer where we keep everything we think we use on a regular basis only for things to just get thrown in there and forgotten about.

Addis drawer tidy triple pack

With the Addis drawer tidy triple pack it’s really easy to keep items separate, visible and organised all at the same time. The trays are non slip so there won’t be any moving around in the drawer and they’re available in white/ grey or white/ green.

Addis drawer tidy triple pack

My desk drawers are really quite small so unfortunately the whole set doesn’t quite fit all together. However, I really like that I can split up the trays for different purposes and for different items. In one drawer I use the tray for stationery while in another I use the two smaller trays for camera accessories and external batteries.

Addis drawer tidy triple pack

These storage trays have really helped me to organise my desk. I feel so much better about being able to easily find the things I use on a regular basis now that they are stored nicely in these drawer trays.


If your family is anything like ours then you might feel like laundry takes over your life sometimes. Sometimes I wonder how a family of 3 can create so much washing and ironing. It’s a good job my washing machine has a quick cycle otherwise it could end up running most of the time. I tend to do a load of laundry every 2 days but sometimes more depending on how messy Erin has been getting or if bedding needs washing.

I absolutely hate to see dirty clothes laying around and I actually like to have multiple laundry hampers dotted around the house. One lives in the bathroom downstairs and the other lives in one of the spare bedrooms which is mostly used for John’s clothes. For a while now one of the hampers has needed replacing as it has been broken for months (probably longer) and the laundry basket just wasn’t working for us.

rattan effect laundry hamper

rattan effect laundry basket

Now, we have the matching rattan effect laundry basket and laundry hamper. Both items are cream but there is also a grey option as well. I always think that white or cream items around the house help certain rooms like a bathroom look cleaner and I definitely think that’s the case here. The laundry basket is more than big enough for a fair amount of ironing and the laundry hamper has loads of space and a lid to keep it all from spilling out everywhere!

rattan effect laundry basket and hamper

I am so happy that at least a few areas of my life and home are sorted ready for the New Year! What product do you love for getting yourself organised?


Getting My Home Organised For The New Year

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