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Saying goodbye to bottles

As I had a pretty rough time after Erin’s birth we had to make the choice to bottle feed her quite early on. It wasn’t something I had wanted to do initially but you do what you have to do and it was really the best choice for Erin in the end. Erin has always loved her bottles and up until recently, would still have a full bottle of milk before naps and bedtime. However, with her turning two recently I decided it was time to say goodbye to bottles.

To be completely honest this was only going to be a little trial to start with. I switched Erin’s regular milk from her usual bottle to a drinking cup and started to get her to drink the milk downstairs about 30 minutes before it was time for bed or time for a nap. Erin was quite excited about it to start with. She was quite happy to sit and watch In The Night Garden while drinking her milk and I was a bit smug about it really. I thought it was a super easy transition and it had all gone really well.

Saying goodbye to bottles

A couple of days later things were not going quite as well as I thought they would be. Actually, that’s probably the wrong way to describe what happened. Instead of Erin carrying on enjoying drinking from her cup instead of bottle she sort of didn’t want to drink the milk at all. I was really quite surprised! I thought if anything, Erin would really miss her bottle if we took it away but would still like the milk.

We’re now a couple of weeks into this and I think Erin may have nearly given up the milk altogether. She never gets excited about it any more and if she does drink some it is only ever half a bottle or less. Some days she doesn’t bother with it at all.

I think we’re maybe only a couple of weeks away from Erin giving up the milk altogether. I’m really proud of her for learning how to fall asleep on her own, without the comfort of her bottle so quickly. She’s had a lot of changes recently especially with her starting nursery. Before I know it, we’ll be potty training!

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  1. Wow, that’s great. Jenson is about seven months older than Erin and still has a bottle of milk before bed. We found the slow flow of the teat helps him fall asleep but we know we need a new sleep routine. He never goes into his own bed awake at night so we need a new trick. That Iggle Piggle toy looks good though. Maybe we need a soft night light kinda toy to help.

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