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If you, or someone you know is quite an active person and like to play sports then you’ll know that hobbies such as these come with a lot of accessories. Depending on the sport of choice a lot of kit could be needed and they are also likely to have a clothing wish list of some kind. So, here are some ideas for what you might need for clothes depending on the sport you play:


Football is one of those sports that can cost as much or as little as you want it to. As a player, your clothes wish list could range from really quite basic shorts and t-shirts but you could also opt for the kit of your favourite team which will set you back quite a bit more money. New kits come out every year and if you want both the home and away kit and if you also add in some brand name cleats and football soon becomes quite an expensive hobby. However, to play on a budget more basic clothes might be the way forward.


Much like football, tennis is one of those sports with varying options for clothes. As a male player, shorts and a t-shirt are the way to go but some people may want to opt for branded pieces which offer technology to help with sweating and chaffing. For female players there are a lot more options. From skirts and one piece dresses to sports bras and even tennis shoes, there is a lot more to think about.


Golfers actually need quite a lot when it comes to clothes, depending on where and when they want to play. Along with traditional clothing such as smart shorts or trousers there are tops, jackets and shoes to think about. A lot of golfers will choose to wear a glove due to having to use clubs for the sport and hats also come in handy! All of these items, along with thermals can be found at 


Yoga is another sport where a specific type of clothing is needed. One of the great things about yoga clothing is that there are so many options now and a lot of them are really fun and colourful. Clothes for yoga need to be form fitting but stretchy and also made from quite a light material to make them breathable and comfortable. Yoga pants can also be worn as general leisurewear as well so they are multipurpose.

General sportswear

If you like to take part in various sports just for fun or from a fitness perspective, you could need a whole lot more in terms of clothing. John, for example, has more t-shirts than I would like to count but he also has cycling shorts, running shoes and a drawer full of other bits and pieces. Basic pieces are great to add to your sports clothing wish list because they can be used for more than one thing and therefore, make them great value for money.

What sport do you like to play? Let me know what would be at the top of your wish list!


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. All opinions are our own. 

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