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Something I remember reading a lot when I was pregnant and whenever I look at anything for Erin now, is about 1 year olds drinking cow’s milk. Erin had formula from being a week old or so I had been thinking about the change for quite some time.

I think we started giving Erin cow’s milk months ago but only with breakfast. I got so sick of giving Erin expensive ‘baby’ cereals that didn’t last very long so I switched her over to things like Weetabix and Shreddies. She has always had warmed cow’s milk with these and has never shown any signs of being against having it. In fact, I think she prefers breakfast with this milk compared to when she had it with formula milk.

As Erin’s first birthday approached I decided to begin the switch from formula. I completely switched one formula bottle to cow’s milk at 11 months and a couple of days after her birthday I switched from formula completely. As Erin hadn’t shown any signs of dislike I figured I might be best to change in one go, quickly! I have seen posts from others about mixing both milks for a while or slowly changing but I couldn’t be bothered, if I’m honest.

Luckily, Erin made the switch no problem at all. However, I think maybe it happened too easily. Now I have the problem that she’s probably getting too much cow’s milk. She loves it and will quite happily have 3 8oz bottles a day still. I know she’s supposed to be having about 20oz a day, including with breakfast etc. The problem is, Erin still likes milk before her naps (2 a day) and before bed at night so I have no idea what to do!

How did you make the move to cow’s milk? Any advice is appreciated. 

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  1. We won’t be making the move here. At one Daisy will see a dietician (well, we’ll wait 3 months and probably have to pay to someone) for allergy testing and then to begin the milk ladder (long process). However, I know Daisy’s allergy is still bad as she had something with the tiniest bit of dried milk powder in and she was up all night screaming….

    Anyway, I think you’ve done great switching like that. I don’t think 24oz compared to 20oz is that bad. Daisy has 28oz of milk a day, now she doesn’t eat a huge amount of food but Erin looks great to me in her photographs. I’m sure she will drop a bottle when she is good and ready.

    I bet you’re saving a fortune now you’ve switched!

    1. Poor you and Daisy! I hope you get to an easier point for you both soon!

      I was surprised Erin switched as easily as she did. I was expecting it to be a long, drawn out thing!

  2. Both of mine went over to cows milk no problem, I don’t think you should worry about how much she is having at the minute. Over time she will drop her nap time bottles etc. Besides, as some one else said, 24 oz isn’t really a lot.

  3. As a non-parent I had never considered that there would be a problem moving a child without allergies onto cow’s milk. I love the way reading blogs educates me in all sorts of different areas and helps me understand the problems people around me are facing.

  4. Milk and other diary products are having really bad reputation these days and more and more people are getting rid of diary products in their diet. Great to hear that your little one is having no problems with it.

  5. Both my girls transitioned quite easily. We put cows milk in cereal for a while and then when they turned one we just gave them cows milk in a bottle. No half and half we just went straight for it x

  6. My first made the switch with some prodding (would read a story, every page turned meant a sip of milk) for about a month, then took off with it. My 2nd & 3rd were like your daughter – jumped right into it. My 4th is giving us the most challenge with it ?, he will to a couple sips max. So we have the opposite problem ??‍♀️. Like others have said, I don’t think too much is a problem at her age. My only piece of advice would to maybe try switching her off the bottle (if you want to decrease the amount she fuzzies each day) – kids naturally drink less from a sippy than they do in bottles as you take away the sucking fur comfort aspect. Totally up to you though, just my 2 cents.

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