How To Prepare Your Toddler For The Clocks Changing

We are very lucky at the moment that Erin has quite a good bedtime routine. The time Erin goes to bed changes each day but on days where she isn’t at nursery, we know exactly what order to do things in and we very rarely have any trouble with her going to bed and going to sleep. However, this weekend in the UK the clocks change, going back an hour and this can really mess with a child’s bedtime, routine and sleep pattern. I don’t actually think we have done anything up until now to prepare Erin for the change.

Ways To Make Christmas More Meaningful

Christmas is just 87 days away and it has really made me start thinking about how we view the special season that appears each year. Most people nowadays view the day (and season in general) as a chance to get, get, and get some more. I know I am victim to that thought process and I know that I am also on the other side of it because, well, it is hard not to spoil your husband, kids, and even other family members that you love! I can bet that every single person reading this article has fallen victim to