Teaching Erin About The World

Teaching Erin About The World

Growing up I don’t particularly remember learning too much about the world. Of course, in school we learn about history, geography and religion but personally, I don’t feel as though I really learned enough about the world we live in. My school certainly wasn’t a diverse one and apart from I think about 3 students, everyone was white.

As soon as I was old enough with enough money, I started going on holiday, visiting new places around the UK and I even lived in Toronto for a year. I wanted to broaden my knowledge and have experiences different to everything I was used to. Strangely, I ended up moving to a small town in Norfolk where there is next to no diversity.

So, when I was pregnant John and I spoke about what we wanted for Erin and how we would achieve these aims.

Exploring The UK

While we live in a small town near the coast, we picked here purposely as it’s on the train line to Norwich which also has great links to London and other cities in the UK. Our little town might not have a lot of diversity but with semi-regular trips to places such as London, we are able to show Erin that there are so many different kinds of people in the world.

Of course, it’s not all about big cities as we’re keen to show Erin that there are so many different places

Holidays Abroad

Erin has just turned 3 and we have only been on 1 holiday abroad so far. Last year we went to Majorca for a week and Erin loved it. I know this isn’t the most exotic of destinations but Erin was able to hear people speak a different language and a whole other way of life. I remember one day we were playing on the beach and an older lady walked past, smiling at Erin and came over to say hello… in Spanish. Erin didn’t seem to notice the language difference as she said hello and carried on playing.

We’re hoping to travel a bit further as Erin gets older so we can show her even more of what’s out there.

Our Past

To anyone looking at me I am a 30 something, British white woman. However, my history goes back such a long time and things have changed a lot. Something I am really interested in is finding out where I am really from, the nationalities that make me who I am and the places my ancestors have come from. Finding out about your past is possible with CRI Genetics and it’s really easy to do!

Do you have any tips for expanding a child’s view of the world without massively expensive trips?


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. All opinions are our own. 

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