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To Erin On Your 3rd Birthday

My little Erin pie! Today you’re turning 3 and I just don’t know where the time has gone. Sometimes it feels like you were born yesterday and sometimes it feels like you have been in our lives forever. I certainly can’t remember life without you now.

This past year has been a roller coaster and so much has happened.

At the beginning of the year we made the biggest change of all. Instead of being at home with me every day you started nursery. We wanted you to spend time with children your own age, to make friends and to learn. We had a bit of a rocky start because neither of us were used to being away from one another but we slowly got ourselves into a routine and you thrived. Every week you would come home having learned something new, talking more every day and making loads of new friends. Soon enough, you loved going to nursery and couldn’t wait to go back the next day.

We have had some great times this year and we have done so much. This year we went on our first family holiday abroad and you went on a plane for the very first time. We also went on holiday in a caravan and we went to Center Parcs with Grandma, Natty and Chris! It has been a fantastic year of holidays and we have all had such a fun time together. I love that we have been able to show you how amazing travelling and holidays can be whether that be somewhere down the road or a flight away somewhere. You have certainly voiced your love of holidays and we can’t wait to go on another one with you.

Family flight photo

You have really grown into your personality this year. You have my stubborn streak, my temper and my ability to throw a mean tantrum. Some days have been extremely difficult and I’m sorry if I haven’t always had the patience I should have or if I made you cry for getting cross. I hate that I can’t always handle everything in the calmest of ways and I know you see that I struggle sometimes. But, you are the sweetest, most caring little girl and even if we’re having a bad day, you come and cheer me up and ask me if everything is okay if I’m sad. I’m not sure a 2 year old should have to do that but I love you so much more because you do!

Although you get some things from me you also get a lot from your dad. When the two of you are together everything gets a bit manic and crazy but there is always lots of laughter. I love seeing how much fun you have together and how silly you both can be! Nearly every Sunday you two have gone swimming together and you love that time you get with him. You’ve begun to hate it when Dad has to go to work and sometimes you tell me how sad it makes you.

Erin in goggles

This year you have shown that you have both likes and dislikes. Unfortunately, you don’t seem to like food very much right now and getting you to eat anything can be a very hard job. We keep trying though and sometimes you surprise us but most of the time we struggle and you just want to drink apple juice! Sometimes I think you would only drink apple juice if we let you. I think this year you have really followed your dad’s love for chocolate as well. You’re great at sharing though and always make sure you ask if we want something you’re eating.

You really are such a mix of me and your dad. You might be stubborn and you might be silly but you are so loving, caring and kind and you are always thinking about what other people are doing. I love it when you give me a really quick kiss on the cheek for no reason and run away and our snuggles on the couch are the best part of every single day.

Erin, Happy 3rd Birthday!


To Erin On Your 3rd Birthday

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