You Have To Be Short To Have A Stroller

We’re currently in the market for a new stroller. We have 4 trips to London booked already this year, a trip to Manchester for Blog On and a holiday to Majorca booked for next year. While I love our Quinny Moodd, John finds it hard to push due to the handlebar height. He much preferred our Mamas and Papas Armadillio Flip XT. Instead of a pushchair we need a lightweight stroller to take away with us that is also easy to fold and small too.

I have been looking for weeks and I still can’t decide. Last Thursday I took a trip into John Lewis to have a proper look at what was available instead of just looking online. I did have one specific stroller in mind, the Babyzen YoYo but wanted to look at all of the options, keeping John in mind this time.

John is 6’1 so a pretty tall bloke. I asked the woman working on that department on the day which would be suitable for my husband. Her honest answer was none. Out of everything available in a stroller, she said nothing was suitable for a man of John’s height. I was a bit speechless.

When I asked the lady to show me some in more detail I soon realised why they weren’t suitable. Only 1 of the strollers, the SilverCross Reflex, had adjustable handlebars. Even then, it barely went up at all and still would have been too short.

Now, John won’t use the stroller all the time so I guess it doesn’t actually matter too much. However, why should he suffer just because he is tall. If he wanted to take Erin out for the day or anywhere really, he has to be bent over no matter what we pick. How is this fair? More so, why has no one designed a stroller with a higher handlebar. it’s not like they add on much more weight.

There are loads of proper pushchairs that are taller, like the Mountain Buggy for example but why should we, or John on his own, have to lug around something heavy and bulky. It is so frustrating! Why aren’t strollers designed with everyone in mind?

I’d love to know if anyone knows of any strollers that are taller than most! Are you a brand with a stroller that would suit a tall man? Get in touch: we’d love to be proved wrong!


You Have To Be Short To Have A Stroller


8 thoughts on “You Have To Be Short To Have A Stroller”

  1. That’s pretty ridiculous that they don’t cater for taller men, or women. My husband is 5ft8 so doesn’t have a problem with the stroller we have, although I can’t imagine not being able to even have one option! What if you are a tall family?!

  2. How crazy is that! My daughters father is also too and forever complaining so prefers to go out without one! If and when you do find one for taller people, please keep me updated

  3. My daughter is almost four and we still use a pram sometimes but honestly she is getting far too big for it with feet dragging on the floor but I still need it to pick her up from the childminder…would love to hear if you find any for taller little ones!

  4. We’ve had trouble finding something that is comfortable for me (5 foot 1) and my partner (6 foot 1) to push. Also it make a difference whether the handles are all the way across or facing forwards.

  5. We have a Bugaboo Bee, which we bought because I’m short and my other half is tall! We both like it 🙂 x

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