9 craft ideas for children perfect for Christmas

9 craft ideas for children perfect for Christmas

Crafting is a great thing to do with the kids. You can either do it with them or set a craft up and enjoy the peace you get while they are concentrating on making something festive. However, not all of us are Pinterest mums, and sometimes it is hard to find a bit of inspiration for Christmas crafts. So here are a couple that you could try this Christmas. 

Making your own Christmas cards

Christmas cards are always popular, and so why not get your children to make some? You could ask them to make cards specific to family members or friends. This is where they spend time making each card specific for that person. You could get them to use paints, pens, or pencils, and get the crafting materials out to add pipe cleaners, pom-poms, and coloured paper. Or you could ask them to create a Christmas picture, and then use that picture to print up the cards you send out. 

Christmas tree decorations 

Your Christmas tree is such a great opportunity for crafts. You can create beautiful ornaments that hang on your tree or can be displayed nicely. Toilet rolls are great to be used to create reindeer heads, or you can use car and pipe cleaners to create beautiful festive scenes. A string is also a great crafting item to use. Cut out triangles of cardboard and then wrap them with green string and then decorate them with other bits. So many different things that you can do. 

Using hand and footprints

If you have younger children then using hands and footprints can be a great way to create lots of crafts. You can use them for Christmas decorations, cards, or even pictures. Use the handprints or footprints to create festive things like reindeers and Christmas trees. 

Paper plate Christmas trees

Paper plates are a great item to use to make Christmas crafts. Cut the paper plate up to the middle and then use that cut to create a cone shape. There you have your Christmas tree that can be painted and decorated, then proudly placed on display in your home. This is an easy craft that you can do with all ages. 

A door wreath 

Who doesn’t love a door wreath? Then why not get your kids to create one that you can display in your home. You could look at using tissue paper scrunched up and then stuck on a piece of card cut into a wreath shape. You could then secure some ribbon at the top to hang it. Or you could get out and collect some leaves and twigs and stick them on to create a wreath that you could display outside. You could then add other things to it such as small baubles or other decorations that you create. 

Homemade gifts 

Who doesn’t love a homemade gift? These are the perfect crafts to do to make grandparents or other family members gifts specifically from the children. You could use hands and footprints on things like plates as a lovely keepsake. Or if you want to get a little more creative then you could use salt dough to create hand and footprint decorations or other keepsake items. This is a great gift idea from younger children. You could also get older children to look at creating pictures or get baking in the kitchen and to make some edible gifts that they can decorate. Think cookies or cakes. 

Tissue paper stained glass

If you like the idea of having crafts that help decorate your home then using tissue paper as stained glass can be a great one. You can design colourful Christmas light shapes and then stick them on your window for a lovely Christmas decoration. When the light shines through you will notice a lovely colourful glow. 


There is no denying it, but painting is a great craft for your to do with your children. Painting festive scenes can be a lovely way to create some keepsakes that you can display or gift for family members. Painting is perfect for kids aged 2 and up. 


Finally, you could look to create puppets. There are many ways that you can do it. Using lollipop sticks and then sticking a festive mask onto them can be an easy way to create a puppet. Other options could be sock puppets and using foam balls where you can paint faces and stick eyes onto your puppets. 

Hopefully, this has given you plenty of Christmas craft inspiration perfect for the upcoming festive season. 


9 craft ideas for children perfect for Christmas

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