Disneyland Paris time saving tips

Disneyland Paris time saving tips

When it comes to visiting Disneyland Paris, saving time can also mean saving money. If a family can get all they want to do at Disneyland in two days rather than five, it saves them hundreds of pounds.

Additionally, saving time at Disneyland can mean a much more enjoyable experience. Who wouldn’t love to hit all the rides, parades, shows and fireworks without waiting in super long lines? Saving time can mean cutting down on a lot of the stress that can sometimes accompany a visit to Disneyland. If you are planning a trip to Disneyland and would like to know some great ways to save time while there, this guide may be helpful to you!

Arrive early

Arrive at the gate half an hour before the scheduled opening time – Get there early, and get in line at the gates! The reason for doing this is to get as close to first in line as possible. Why do that? Well, when the gates open, you will be able to ride several of the most popular rides quickly, before the lines have time to grow, saving you a lot of time!

Stay at an on-site hotel

Disneyland Paris has a few different on-site hotels to choose from, ranging in prices and distance away from the parks. All of these hotels, with the exception of Davy Crockett Ranch, are within walking distance of the main gates and most (apart from Davy Crockett again) offer free shuttles if you don’t want to walk.

Visit during summer

Although the summer months, especially during school holidays, can be busy it can also be a good time to visit. You might find that parks are open longer on certain days but also the days are lighter for a lot longer. This might mean that children stay up a little later than usual, with it not getting dark until quite late.

Make the most of the first few hours

Generally, the first hour or two after opening are pretty good for getting on rides without having to wait in long lines. But if you’re not at the gate at least a half hour before opening, you’ll find huge lines when you do arrive, and it can take an hour just to get into the park! In order to get into line at the Disneyland gates half an hour early, you will need to factor in an additional half hour if you are staying at an off-site hotel and plan to drive to Disneyland.

Choose meal times wisely

Don’t plan to eat during peak meal times – Few things at Disneyland are more frustrating than working up an appetite only to find yourself waiting in line for 45 minutes to order a meal. Peak meal times at Disneyland are extremely busy at all the restaurants during the busier times of the year. So if your trip falls during the peak months, save yourself some time by planning meals at less popular times. Usually this means having late lunches and dinners.

Disneyland can be a lot of fun. However, planning well can mean the difference between a good Disneyland visit and a horrible one. Do yourself a favour and take advantage of these useful time saving tips!


Disneyland Paris time saving tips

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