Family Friendly Attractions To Visit In Norfolk This Summer

Family Friendly Attractions To Visit In Norfolk This Summer

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Now that May half term is well and truly out of the way it’s time to start thinking about the summer holidays. With only just over 6 weeks to go I want to start pencilling in some activities and making some kind of plan. This will be the first summer since Erin started nursery that she will be home the whole time as there was a summer club at her old nursery. We don’t have that option now so I have 6 weeks to fill! I think we’re pretty lucky that we are surrounded by loads of great places to visit so I thought I’d put together a bit of a list of family friendly attractions to visit in Norfolk this summer.

Amazona Zoo, Cromer

Being a non-driving family, I always try to find great places that we can visit easily by either train or bus. Amazona Zoo in Cromer has a bus stop nearby and it’s easy to walk to from the train station. It’s only a small zoo but it’s great for smaller children as it doesn’t take hours to get around. Along with the animals, Amazona Zoo also has an indoor soft play area, cafe and outdoor play area. Prices are really reasonable and if you’re local, it’s well worth buying an annual pass. I got mine recently for £27 and Erin is still free until she is 4. This is somewhere we’ll be going to at least a few times over the summer.

Parrots at Amazona Zoo


BeWILDerwood has been one of our favourite places to visit so far I think. Only a short drive from Wroxham, BeWILDerwood is like an outdoor adventure playground where you can go on a boat ride, climb in the trees and make a den too! Face painting and stories are included in the entrance fee and there’s a cafe too if you don’t want to take a picnic. We took Erin when she was 2 and she had a blast. I was worried there wouldn’t be enough for her to do but she played all day long and never got bored. Of course, there’s plenty for older children too!

BeWILDerwood den making

Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden

Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden is somewhere we visited more recently and it’s probably one of the lesser known places to visit in Norfolk. Fairhaven is in South Walsham and a great choice if you’re looking for something outdoors to do. Inside Fairhaven are beautiful gardens with accessible walkways so if you’re taking a pushchair, it’s easy to get around. Fairhaven offers boat rides during the day (dependent on the weather) so you can also go on a little trip down the broads while you’re there. This was really a beautiful place to visit for a day out and as a lot of it is shaded by the trees, it might be a good choice on a warmer day. There’s a cafe at the entrance too but you’re welcome to take your own food.

Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden

Sheringham Park

Another outdoor place to visit is Sheringham Park. This is a National Trust park and entry is free but unless you’re a member you will need to pay for parking. Sheringham Park has over 1000 acres to explore and it’s a place loved by dog walkers so you’ll see plenty on your walk around. There are various pathways to follow with walks of varying lengths. We found it pretty easy to get around with a pushchair but as with anywhere like this, there are a few bumpy bits! Sheringham Park had plenty for Erin and she loved exploring. She especially liked when we found an area with den making and we spent a good amount of time doing this!

Sheringham Park, Norfolk

Roarr Dinosaur Adventure

When I moved to Norfolk somewhere I heard so much about was Roarr Dinosaur Adventure so I was pretty desperate to take Erin. We went for the first time earlier this year and she had such an amazing time. This one isn’t easy to get to if you don’t drive as there isn’t any public transport nearby so we were lucky that a friend went with us. It’s a shame it’s not a bit easier to get to for non-drivers as it’s somewhere I think we’d go to more often if we could get there. The park is obviously dinosaur themed with loads to discover such as play areas, a splash park in the warmer months and a mini farm as well. Roarr Dinosaur Adventure really has everything it takes to have a great day out with the family. I personally loved the fossil digging area and Erin loved the huge slide that was inside a dinosaur.

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure

Norwich Millennium Library

I wasn’t sure whether I should include this next one in this list but we love going to the Norwich Millennium Library. Erin asks quite often to go to the big library now and although it’s not technically an attraction, it is still well worth visiting with the children. This library still has events and things going on over the summer, as well as having play and sensory areas for the children to explore. This is a great place to visit if you’re in Norwich for the day, especially as it’s open on Saturdays and Sundays too!

Children's department at the Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library

These are just a few of our favourite family friendly attractions to visit in Norfolk. Of course, there are plenty of beaches to visit too and I’m sure we will be heading to Cromer, Sheringham or Great Yarmouth more than once this summer!


Family Friendly Attractions To Visit In Norfolk This Summer

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  1. It’s my daughters birthday at the end of the month and I’ve been thinking of places that we can take her and I really like the sound of the beWilderwood

  2. Dex would love the Roarr Dinosaur Adventure as he’s so obsessed with them! Although when we went to the dinosaur area in Thomas Land, he got a little scared!

  3. We are visiting Norfolk in the summer so will definitely check out a couple of these places. I love the sound of BeWILDerwood.

  4. So many things to do! BeWILDerwood looks fantastic. And I definitely think library’s should be considered an attraction!

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