How To Create A More Relaxing Bedroom For A Better Night’s Sleep

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Ever since we became parents it has felt like every room in the house has been taken over by Erin’s things. The living room is covered in toys, my library area is now a play area and I’ve lost count of how many toys there are for the bath. Wherever you go it seems like there is something of Erin’s there. Now that she is getting a bit older and understanding something about boundaries and personal space (definitely not all the time), we would like to reclaim our bedroom and have a bit of child free space again.

As the rest of the house, especially the living room, has ‘stuff’ everywhere it doesn’t exactly make me feel very calm. Now that we’re thinking about giving our bedroom makeover I wanted to think of some ways to make it more of a room where we can go to relax and unwind. It’s don’t sleep very well right now so that needs fixing.


One of the most obvious places to start is with a good clear out of anything you don’t need. This could be anything from the tops of your chest of drawers, clothes you no longer wear in your wardrobe or maybe the space underneath your bed. Somehow we find ways of filling as many places as possible with as much as possible. This only causes frustration and stress so starting with a de-clutter will help you focus on the rest of the room. You won’t be laying awake at night thinking about the bits and pieces you need to put away.

Clutter in a room

Colour scheme

People generally have a preferred colour scheme when it comes to their house. Some people like light colours, others might like earthy tones or maybe it’s all about the dark walls. It’s no good creating a new space for yourself if you aren’t happy with the colours.

For me, I prefer a darker main colour with lighter accessories. I feel more comfortable in a dark bedroom as I can’t sleep with light coming in and I also prefer darker bedding. All of these things can add up to help create the perfect bedroom.

A comfortable bed

The easiest way to relax in a bedroom is by getting a good night’s sleep and of course, you need a good bed to be able to do this. I like to be able to spread out in bed as I tend to get really hot at night so a smaller bed is not ideal for me. I would love to upgrade to a bigger bed and there are lots of options with Bed Guru King Size Beds. There are beds with stunning headboards, beds with storage underneath and more simplistic wooden bed frames.

After choosing the perfect bed for your room, it’s also important to make sure you have the right pillows, a snug duvet, and bedding that you can’t wait to snuggle into at night time. You may also need to burn some incense that is both soothing and relaxing, like Nag Champa, that will make you look forward to sweet dreams. Although the history of nag champa is unclear, it is the best incense for sleep and relaxation.

Bed Guru king size bed
Image courtesy of Bed Guru

Soft furnishings

While the big items are essential for a bedroom there are lots of other things you can do to make it a cosier room to be in. Blackout curtains can help people like me who like to sleep in the darkest of rooms, soft throws can add warmth to your bed and extra cushions can add comfort. Of course, these can all be purchased to match the colour scheme you have chosen and will add interesting points throughout the room.


If you are looking to create a room to escape to then it’s important to get the lighting right. Instead of having one main light in your bedroom it might be an idea to think about a dimmer so that you can control the brightness. There are also options for various lamps if you have bedside tables. This is a great way to only add a bit of light to the room if you’re getting ready to go to sleep.

Do you have a bedroom that you love? What did you do to make it this way?


How To Create A More Relaxing Bedroom For A Better Night's Sleep

9 thoughts on “How To Create A More Relaxing Bedroom For A Better Night’s Sleep”

  1. Gosh, I really miss a bedroom. Myself and my husband sleep on a sofa bed in the living room as we have 3 children and only two bedrooms. I miss having a little relaxing space to just go and chill out.

  2. I really try not to have clutter in my room but it’s hard I do feel I’m always fighting it. Lighting is a big one we tend to use side lights only in bedrooms I don’t like bright main lights at all!

  3. When we moved house 18 months ago, we really simplified our bedroom. We have a bed and a wardrobe, one chair and I also have a small bedside table where our radio alarm clock lives. That’s it. No extra surfaces to get filled with clutter. I love it.

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