Ideas for updating a 2 year old's bedroom

Ideas for updating a 2 year old’s bedroom

Erin turns 2 in a couple of weeks and that means her bedroom has been exactly the same for about 2 and a half years now. I think I was quite clever in the design I chose as we decorated before Erin was even born. Her nursery was painted in a very neutral light brown and paired with a woodland theme. However, now that Erin is older, I wonder if it is maybe time to redecorate with something a bit more suited to her personality. Here are some ideas for updating a 2 year old’s bedroom.

Erin does love animals so if I chose to just spruce up her current theme with some additional extras this would be an easy enough task. Erin has quite a large bedroom with a chimney breast so this would be the perfect location for a feature wallNursery wall murals can add something spectacular to an otherwise quite plain room and really make it into something amazing.

There is so much choice when it comes to wall murals and really, anything goes. There is something for every child’s taste (and adults too) and murals can even be designed to your exact taste if you can’t find something that already exists. The above picture is of an enchanted forest so imagine the fun you could have with fairies, elves and cute animals there. This is a personal favourite of mine and I would love to change Erin’s room to these theme!

Erin’s walls are quite bare at the moment but there are ways to spruce up a room without adding anything to them. Soft furnishings can really pull a room together. A really funky blind or brightly coloured curtains can add something pretty cool to a room and would look even better if you could find bedding to match!

The great thing about changing something like the bedding or cushions is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. For under £20 for a toddler bed set you could have something different entirely!

If you do have a lot of wall space to fill pictures are a great thing to use. There are so many sellers now on Etsy that can do personalised prints or there are alphabet stickers in certain themes. If you do fancy putting nails or hooks in your walls then at least you know you can change the pictures if the theme ends up not suiting eventually. I would love to get some pictures with woodland animals spelling out Erin’s name to add to one of her walls.

2 year old’s tend to not care too much about their bedrooms but I still think it’s nice to make it somewhere special for them. Erin loves picking out things on her own bedding or discovering something new that she hasn’t noticed before so a few new additions is a great plan for next year!

What tips do you have for updating a bedroom for a 2 year old? I’d love to know in the comments.  

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