Frozen Flowers Sensory Ice Play

AD | Post contains affiliate links (marked with *) I’m honestly not one of those really parents who can come up with really interesting and creative things to do with Erin unless it’s a print out of some kind, a toy that already exists or card/ board games. It’s just not me. However, recently we have been spending a lot of time in the garden and I wanted to do something a bit different with Erin so I decided to try to use the Tuff Tray* a bit more. Something we haven’t done a lot of with Erin is playing

Painting With Dinosaurs Tuff Tray

AD | Post contains affiliate links (marked with *) Being stuck at home for the majority of the week has meant that I have had to entertain Erin a lot more than I normally would. We have gone from her being at nursery for 4 days a week so being home all the time and we definitely don’t have enough new toys stashed away to keep her excited about what we’re doing during the day. Seeing as we’ve been out in the garden a lot I thought it was about time that we made the most of our Tuff Tray*,