Cool construction play with Cat toys

AD | PR products The weather seems to finally be changing and we have warmer and lighter days ahead of us. We love to get outside in the back garden and sometimes we can be out there for hours. It’s important to have a range of different things for children to play with in the garden and we love finding new ways for Erin to play. One of Erin’s favourite garden activities is to have a Tuff Tray set up. Having this outside means that we’re able to do all different kinds of set ups

Ice Cream Shop Tuff Tray

AD | Contains affiliate links marked with * For as long as Erin has understood the idea of imaginative play she has loved the idea of an ice cream shop. There have been so many days where she has stood in her playhouse and pretended to sell us ice creams. So, when I decided to set up a Tuff Tray* with the same idea, I knew that it would be a hit.

Fingerprint Tree Paintings

AD | Post contains affiliate links marked with * We have loved playing with our Tuff Tray* over the last couple of months but regardless of what you see on Pinterest, they don’t have to be really complicated or look beautiful. Instead, sometimes a Tuff Tray can be a really simple idea and that’s why we did some finger painting to make a tree.

Witches Potion Tuff Tray

AD | Contains affiliate links marked with * When it comes to our Tuff Tray* one of Erin’s favourite things to do is to mix things. It doesn’t really seem to matter too much about what it is, but she really loves putting things into water. One of her favourite things to watch is Room On The Broom* so I thought what better than to make up a tray for mixing together a witch’s potion.

Construction Site Tuff Tray

Post contains affiliate links (marked with *) Today I’m bringing you another really easy Tuff Tray* idea with things you might have laying around the house and garden. I don’t like to spend loads of money on new items or complicated set ups so I always like to use things we already have to hand. This is how we put together a simple Construction Site Tuff Tray.

Experiments With Water Tuff Tray

Post contains affiliate links (marked with *) When we first got the Tuff Tray* I didn’t really know what to do with it. Honestly, I think I was a bit overwhelmed by seeing all of these Instagram perfect trays. I am really not all that creative and I also didn’t want to spend loads of money on really cool and interesting accessories. So, recently I put together a really easy Tuff Tray for Erin based on her favourite subject; Science!

Frozen Flowers Sensory Ice Play

AD | Post contains affiliate links (marked with *) I’m honestly not one of those really parents who can come up with really interesting and creative things to do with Erin unless it’s a print out of some kind, a toy that already exists or card/ board games. It’s just not me. However, recently we have been spending a lot of time in the garden and I wanted to do something a bit different with Erin so I decided to try to use the Tuff Tray* a bit more.