Getting A Peaceful Night’s Sleep With The Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring

AD | Gifted I cannot tell you how many times in a night I shove John or tell him to turn over because he’s snoring so much or so loudly. He sleeps so soundly though so it definitely annoys me more than him and if you ask him, he will tell you that I snore too. I try to tell him that I don’t but the thing is, he can sleep through anything whereas I can’t. We’ve recently been sent a Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring to try out to see if at least one of us can get a better

Relieving Aches And Pains With Pernaton Gel

AD | Contains gifted items and affiliate links When I first met John he really into running. He ran a fair few half marathons in the past and he gets out now and again for a run in his lunch break. Of course, life sometimes takes over and he doesn’t run as much as he used to. However, sometimes he gets aches and pains when he does run and needs something to help him with that. In the past he has used various other products and looks for something to sooth his aching muscles. If you are looking for something

The Surprise Of A Panic Attack

At the beginning of December I went on a weekend away to London with my Mum. It had been something that I’d planned months before and it was my Mum’s Christmas present. I had a hotel booked, theatre tickets and meals out as well as some exploring time. It was also the first weekend away I’d had without John or Erin for about 2 years so I was really looking forward to it. Unfortunately, right at this time Greater Anglia had some horrendous problems with the trains in our area. At about 6pm on the day before I was due

How To Look After Your Child’s Ears

AD | Collaborative post At this time of year we see a lot of posts online, whether it be in the news, blogs or on social media, about keeping your children healthy and happy in the colder months. However, something that seems to get overlooked is ear health! Find a solution to any problem With children, it can be dangerous to put off any kind of health issue but ear problems can be really serious. Ear wax can build up quite easily and while some wax is necessary you don’t want a child with blocked ears. Visits can be done

Simple Tips To Reduce Stress In Your Life

AD | Collaborative post In my every day life I have a busy family to look after and I am also self-employed. On a day to day basis I have a to-do list longer than the paper it is written on and I have so much to think about. Things can quickly get out of hand and if I let anything slip but I also realise that it’s impossible for me to do absolutely everything. Stress can creep up on you if you have a lot to do so I wanted to share some ideas for how to reduce stress

5 Tips For Giving Up Fizzy Drinks

If you follow me on social media then you may have seen me talk about my addiction to sugary drinks. I think it was in 2007 when I moved to Toronto, Canada for a year that it all really started. You see, I used to drink nothing but Robinson’s Apple and Blackcurrant squash before but in Toronto it wasn’t an option. I always found it so strange when I lived there that no one knew what squash or cordial was. Anyway, I really didn’t (and still don’t) like drinking plain water so that didn’t leave me with very many options.

The Shame Of Being An Adult Picky Eater

For as long as I can remember I have had a bad relationship with food. I don’t remember liking a range of foods as a child and honestly, we didn’t have the most varied of diets. My Mum worked long hours in a pub and we were never a well off family. ‘Proper’ home cooked meals weren’t really a thing in our house and if they were, I only sort of remember eating roast dinners. We did always go to my Nanna’s for dinner on a Wednesday and that would be the same kind of thing a lot of the

My Battle With Sugar And Fizzy Drinks

Growing up I only ever really remember drinking blackcurrant squash. I was never a fan of plain water or milk and I might have had the odd drink of orange squash but I never had anything else. I definitely wasn’t a fan of hot drinks either. I’d always take made up bottles to school or college with me and then when I started working I did the same thing there as well. I first went to Toronto, Canada in the summer of 2006 and I spent a whole month there. At the time, I didn’t really think too much of