The benefits of swimming lessons for kids

AD | Collaborative post In the world of extracurricular activities, there are endless opportunities for children to grow academically and gain a new skill that can be used for life. Amongst some of the most popular ones, lies swimming lessons, an extracurricular almost every child should be introduced to at some point in their childhood years. This is because it is an essential life skill that can quite literally save their life. Swimming lessons at an early age has also shown to have a great impact on physical, mental and social development. Keep reading to

Swimmer Of The Year

I never had proper swimming lessons. I know being forced to get into a swimming pool as a teenager at school doesn’t really count even thought they liked to class them as lessons. I can barely keep myself from drowning and I’m not sure I could manage a while width, let alone a length, of any swimming pool. As soon as I was sort of recovered from my emergency C-section and 2nd surgery, I signed Erin up to swimming classes. I had always planned on doing this as soon as possible because I didn’t want