Mindfulness tips to bring calm to your household

Mindfulness tips to bring calm to your household

When it comes to your household dynamics, we often are aware of how busy and chaotic things can get. Life is hectic. You might have work to think about, school runs, after school clubs to juggle, and extracurricular activities. It can be a lot! Mindfulness can be a great way to help you realign calm and positivity into your home, and whether it is a young child or a grown adult, it can work wonders. So here are some mindfulness tips to bring calm to your household. 

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is something that you can practice physically and mentally. It enables you to become more aware of your feelings and the things that you are doing day-to-day. Not only is it good for you as an adult, but it can also be excellent for your children as a way to help them handle big emotions. Especially when there are things going on. Mindfulness can be different for everyone, and there are many ways you can embrace it. I have shared a few of them below. 

Why is it important for my household?

A family will have different dynamics and things they need to be doing. A busy household often means that you can lose sight of how you feel with a focus on what you need to do. Embracing mindfulness as a family will help bring you all back to what’s important in life. Allowing you to feel a sense of balance. 

How to embrace mindfulness

So now that you are fully aware of why it is important for your family to embrace mindfulness you may be wondering how you can implement it into your daily lives. Here are some ideas. 

Have a place where anyone can be encouraged to embrace mindfulness

Having a place in your home where you can be encouraged to embrace mindfulness is a good idea. A quiet spot in your home, a reading nook, or even a “zen den’ for your children where they can relax, focus on their breath, or try things like meditation. Even a place for them to read and feel at ease will be a huge help and will allow the family dynamics to embrace the calm. 

Exercise is powerful and something the whole family can do

The one thing many families are not thoroughly aware of is the power of exercise. Exercise is so good for your mental health and helps you to embrace mindfulness. It can be a simple walk, a family workout, or a sport that you all enjoy. There are so many ways that you can embrace exercise and it can be a great activity for the whole family. You may not want to do it at first, but it is a lovely way for you to spend some quality time together as well as feel all of the positive benefits once the exercise is finished. The more you make it part of your family routine, the easier it will become, and far more enjoyable too.

Mindfulness activities 

Sometimes taking time out and doing a mindfulness activity is a great way to reset your way of thinking. There are many different mindfulness activities you could try. Colouring is a great one to consider. As adults, it is very therapeutic to do something creative and take some time out where you aren’t having to think too deeply. Colouring is also an activity that many children love to do. Listening to music or audiobooks are also great ways to relax the mind, as well as reading a book or other creative outlets. As a family, you will all find an activity that you enjoy doing. Whether together or individually. 

Breathing exercises

One of the easiest ways to implement a little more mindfulness into your life is to be aware of some of the breathing exercises that you can do. These are great tools when you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Taking a moment to focus on your breath and how you feel will enable you to be more in tune with your surroundings. Breathing exercises can also be encouraged alongside other exercises like noticing your senses. Seeking out five things you can see, four things you can touch, three things you can hear, and so on. 

Check-in with your family members 

When it comes to encouraging mindfulness within your household it is important for you to try and check in with your family members. Asking how they are feeling, noticing when things are not quite right, and helping them to feel better. Even when nothing is evidently wrong checking in will enable you to encourage them to be more aware. 

Hopefully, these mindfulness tips will bring calm to your household. 

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