The Teacher Who Was Everything Erin Needed

The teacher who was everything Erin needed

Yesterday was Erin’s last day at nursery until she goes back in September. Unfortunately, Erin’s key worker told us last week that she wouldn’t be there any more in September and honestly, I was really sad when she told me.

Way back when Erin had only just turned 1 we took her for a look around a nursery. At the time, we weren’t sure when Erin starting nursery was going to happen; we were just seeing where was available and what we thought. The first nursery we went to look at was one attached to a private school. It ended up being the only nursery we looked at and we signed Erin up there and then to start when she was 2. During that first visit we met the wonderful manager at the time and one of the other women working there. From the minute Erin waddled through the nursery for the first time she was drawn to this teacher. I’ll call her Miss G for the rest of this post.

Erin's first day at nursery

Although we had already signed Erin up to start a couple of days after her 2nd birthday, nearly a year away, we took her to every open day the nursery had. As soon as we got there Erin went straight to Miss G. There was just something about her. She was always so happy, bubbly and genuinely excited to see Erin again.

When Erin did finally start nursery Miss G was in the room with the slightly older children so Erin spent a lot of time with other teachers instead. That didn’t stop her from sneaking into the other room though to see Miss G. There was so many days where Miss G would tell me that her and Erin had been getting up to mischief. I loved hearing about the things they got up to together.

Erin spent a whole year at that nursery and although Miss G wasn’t her key worker, she spent a lot of time with her and knew all of the things she liked and what she didn’t. Miss G knew that there was no way that Erin would eat a cucumber or that she’d flash her knickers to everyone if she wore a dress. She was a teacher I could talk to if I had any issues or questions and she’d always be straight and to the point with me. I trusted her completely with Erin and at the time, we were looking forward to her being Erin’s key worker when she turned 3.

Erin's first day at the Montessori nursery

Unfortunately, the nursery closed down and just after Erin’s 3rd birthday she started somewhere new. Miss G also got a job there and we were all so happy! On Erin’s first day she ran off to Miss G with barely a goodbye to me and relief flooded me. Erin’s transition to the new nursery was absolutely seamless and I think because Miss G was there, it was like Erin had been going there forever.

Miss G has known Erin for 3 years and we have loved having her be part of Erin’s life and education. She has been there to help Erin learn how to play with other children, she’s been there to be just as crazy as Erin is at times, she’s been there for the million times Erin has fallen over and hurt herself (not an exaggeration). She’s also been there to help rein her in when it’s been needed and to talk some sense into her when she’s gone a bit crazy for no real reason.

Although we are sad that Miss G will no longer be with Erin from September I know that Erin doesn’t need her any more, not in the way she did a few months ago. Miss G has really helped Erin to become the confident, independent, maniac girl that she is now and we have so much thanks for everything she’s done over the past couple of years!


The Teacher Who Was Everything Erin Needed

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  1. What a fab way of thanking Miss G! She sounds great and hopefully she’ll go on to help lots more children. XX

  2. My youngest is starting a school in August and has just said farewell to his key worker who will be on holiday during his last week. There were tears on both sides.

  3. Changes can be hard, my son has had amazing teachers and then ones he didn’t gel with well. Also it’s sad the nursery closed down as it sounded like she was settled but I hope she has a really good new year

    Laura x

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