5 activities to support your child’s cognitive development

5 activities to support your child’s cognitive development

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Cognitive development can be defined as the way a child learns, interacts with those around them and acquires their knowledge. As a child meets different stages in their development and hits certain milestones, there are a number of cognitive skills that you will notice them pick up along the way. As a parent, you play a very important role in nurturing your child’s cognitive development, especially the processes that involve problem solving, thinking and learning about the world around them. Taking part in age-appropriate activities that stimulate their brain can significantly improve their intellectual growth. Continue reading for some advice from this pre-school in Cheltenham on 5 activities to support your child’s cognitive development. 

  1. Reading and storytelling: Reading books and telling stories are amazing activities that will surely enhance your child’s cognitive abilities. Try and introduce them to a variety of age-appropriate books, from colourful and interactive picture books for toddlers, to engaging stories for older children. Reading not only helps to improve language skills, but also fosters imagination and critical thinking skills. You will notice that as you read together, your child will become a lot more interested, which provides you with the perfect opportunity to encourage them to predict what happens next in the story or ask questions about characters.
  2. Puzzles and games: Puzzles and brain teasers like chess and memory matching can be enjoyable and beneficial ways to boost cognitive development. Be sure to choose activities that are suitable for your child’s age group, and gradually increase the complexity as they grow up. This is a simple and effective way to ensure they build on their problem-solving skills and memory retention.
  3. Building toys: These toys are fantastic when it comes to unstructured play, as they promote creativity and logical thinking as children plan and assemble structures using nothing but their imagination. Don’t forget to encourage your little one to experiment with different colours and shapes too.
  4. Arts and crafts: Engaging in arts and crafts activities can do wonders for a child’s cognitive development. Not only do they help to develop fine motor skills, but also ensures little ones find a healthy outlet to expressing their thoughts and emotions visually. 
  5. Exploring nature: Nature always comes in handy when it comes to teaching little ones the ways of life. By taking your child on walks and engaging with the outdoors, you will help to foster curiosity in them, which can lead to a deeper connection with the biggest classroom around.

And there it is, it truly is that simple. Do your best to incorporate and tailor the activities above into your child’s routine to help them develop strong cognitive skills that will serve them well in the future. 

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