Christmas Gifts For Dogs And Cats

We are a big animal loving family and of course, we can’t leave our furry friends out when it comes to Christmas presents. Although Jackson may not be a part of this family any more, we have neighbours each side of us with dogs and of course, we have been looking after my sister’s cat Jara for a while now. Today we’re talking about Christmas gift ideas for dogs and cats. Dogs Trust might not be the obvious choice of places to look for gifts but they have a fantastic range and something for all sized dogs! Two of my

Meet Jara The Foster Cat

You may have seen on our Instagram account recently a few pictures about a cat. Well, we have recently become foster cat owners. My sister Natalie and her fiance Chris live in London and a cat kind of adopted them as owners a little while ago. Unfortunately, they don’t live somewhere that allows pets so they can’t give her a home right now. Natalie has tried to get so many animal shelters and RSPCA branches to take her in but no one would. It wouldn’t have been a problem really but with Natalie and Chris going away for a while, they