How Having A Cat Is Helping My Mental Health

You might figure from the name of this website that we have a dog and not a cat. We did have a dog a few years ago and when we got Jackson I thought he was everything I’d ever wanted. To be completely honest, I think John and I both felt really stressed not long after we got him. Working and making sure he had the walks he needed etc. was a lot of hard work. We got Jackson as a puppy and figured we would have a good few years with him before having

Adopting A Rescue Cat: How To Help Them Get Settled

AD | Gifted Three weeks ago we added a new member to the family. Jinx the rescue kitten came from a foster home with Cats Protection, where she was 1 of 9 kittens that were found in a shed. With any rescue cat they will have been living in a completely different place, with different people and maybe with or without children. When you bring them into your home, getting them settled might take a while but there are things you can do to make things easier, for both you and them. Somewhere to sleep

Welcome To The Family Jinx

A few months ago I wrote about both of our rabbits sadly dying within a couple of days for each other. At the time we said no more pets, at least not for a while. As time went on I particularly felt like something was missing. The house and garden was too quiet. It just didn’t feel right any more. We’ve had pets since we moved into this house so it definitely felt wrong without one. For quite some time now Erin had been asking for a pet cat. I was unsure at first. It

Meet Jara The Foster Cat

You may have seen on our Instagram account recently a few pictures about a cat. Well, we have recently become foster cat owners. My sister Natalie and her fiance Chris live in London and a cat kind of adopted them as owners a little while ago. Unfortunately, they don’t live somewhere that allows pets so they can’t give her a home right now. Natalie has tried to get so many animal shelters and RSPCA branches to take her in but no one would. It wouldn’t have been a problem really but with Natalie and Chris going