Meeting Santa and a Christmas party!

Last Sunday John and I had our one and only day off a week together. We decided, as it was quite early in the month, to take Erin to see Santa for the first time. I chose to go to our local garden centre because it was the easiest place to go seeing as we don’t drive. I’d heard good things about Santa there anyway though. We arrived really early, about 10:15 because I couldn’t be doing with long waits. There was actually no one there and we were the first people to see Santa! I had seen pictures of my

Erin’s Christmas Wardrobe

I love a Christmas jumper as much as the next person. I am a bit annoyed as I write this post though because I seem to have lost, yes lost, all of my Christmas jumpers. Although I have nothing new myself this year, I did get to sort of a whole wardrobe of Christmas clothes for Erin. My sister actually started this off a few months back when she got Erin a Christmas dress from The Handmade Fair. Something I had never really thought of before was the need for Christmas t-shirts. Erin doesn’t particularly like cardigans or jumpers but

Erin’s First Toy: The Fox

It wasn’t long after I found out I was pregnant that I bought Erin’s first toy. I know you’re not really supposed to buy anything until you have your 12 week scan just to be safe but I couldn’t help myself. As my mum’s surname is Fox I have a bit of a thing about them. I decorated Erin’s nursery in a woodland theme so I could have foxes in there. As you have probably guessed, Erin’s first toy was a fox! I bought this particular fox in my favourite shop in Cromer, Upstairs, Downstairs. I actually can’t go in

Making Bath Time Fun & Giveaway

Erin has had a bit of a strange relationship with bath time in her 10 months. When she was newborn she absolutely hated baths. She would scream so loud that next door heard her. Then, she started to realise baths could be fun and that she could splash about. Now it’s all changed again! In an attempt to make bath time more fun for Erin we turned to NubyUK for some help. The first bath toys we tried were the Nuby Squirters Bath Time Toys. These are suitable from 3 months and cost £7.99 for a pack of 8. The squirters are a

Babease: Food for babies, not baby food!

When it comes to food for Erin, I’m always trying new things with her. While I do cook quite a lot at home, I also use a mix of jars and pouches that we buy in. One of the newest brands on the market is Babease. Babease are different from other brands because they pride themselves on their brand message: Food for babies, not baby food! This is what drew me to them in the first place. When you think of baby food, you think of orange mush. That’s definitely not what Babease do. Spaghetti Bolognaise or Cheesy Pasta are not flavours you’ll find

Momosiki Clothing

When it comes to Erin’s clothes, her wardrobe is a real mix of brands. While I love certain high street ranges, I am also always on the look out for something different. We also very much like a woodland themed item of clothing. When I came across Momosiki I was an instant fan! The first item that caught my eye was this stunning blue, bird print dress. Erin really suits bright colours which is why I was drawn to this. I love how bright the dress is and the colour is perfect on Erin. I think it really brings out the blue of her eyes even

Erin’s Terrible Tantrums

Okay, so maybe the tantrums are not as terrible as the title may make it sound. Erin is now 9 months old and has somehow learned how to throw a bit of a tantrum. I have absolutely no idea how babies or children learn this. Just recently Erin has started to get really upset and annoyed if I tell her she can’t have something or take something away from her. It could even be because I’m trying to feed her, or if the food has run out! The biggest one at the minute is because I won’t let her chew

The influence of a best friend

A good while back now I wrote about Erin making best friends at such a young age. As we go to quite a few baby classes we get to see some people and their children more than others. Someone we see a lot is Megan and Noah, Erin’s best friend. Now that Erin and Noah are coming up to being 9 months old they really seem to recognise one another. For weeks Erin has immediately wanted to get to Noah when she has realised he was there. Back in July she would try to climb over me to get to