5 Tips for Starting a Business When You’re a Busy Parent

Collaborative post You might think that, if you’re a parent, you will have to put your dreams of running your own business on the back burner, at least until they are a little older, but that is not necessarily the case! Many parents, even those of very young children, manage to run successful startups, and there is no reason you cannot do the same. That being the case, here are some quick tips for starting a business when you are a very busy parent.

Review: Aura Print Business Cards

AD | Collaborative post It’s been a few years now since I decided to be self-employed full time and I quit my part time job at a supermarket. It wasn’t a decision that was made easily and it was something that I really had to work towards before I could commit to it. Over the years, I have learned a lot about blogging and some of the things that can make my job easier. Aura Print kindly sent me some beautiful business cards to help me out!

How To Make Self-Employment Work For You

AD | Collaborative post Back when I was on maternity leave I was the manager of a soft play area and bowling alley but I knew that I didn’t want to go back to that job. When my maternity leave ended I knew that I didn’t want to go back to that job, especially as it was full time, and I was lucky that I found something part time only working evenings at a supermarket across the road. However, that didn’t even last a year as I quickly realised that I was too used to

Creating The Right Work Environment At Home

AD | Collaborative post When you are self-employed, especially if you work from home, it’s easy to get into bad habits. The sofa becomes a make shift office, you can work in your pyjamas and you can scoff a whole cake while you work if you want to. The thing is, as nice as all of this sounds, it doesn’t really make for a good or productive working environment. Now that I’ve been self-employed full time for around 3 years I have learned quite a lot about how kind of environment I need at home. Separate